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That is true BUT is that fact presented to Joe Newyacht buyer?

How about an old boat buyer who had an expectation of Albin quality?

Gee, come to think of it, just about everything electronic we buy nowadays has a made in China label on it but I have yet to find something on my boat to indicate it was made in Taiwan.....except some electronics ha ha.

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Cool bit of thread creep, prompted me to look into what happened to the C.C. Chen boatyard. I knew my Roughwater was designed by Monk and built in Taiwan, but had no idea the boatyard was still in business, ...albeit under another name now. Cool bit of history, I have seen one Thomas Gilmer designed sailboat they built as well, I think the Aries 32 and/or Roughwater 32.


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All I can say after reading all of this is that the Swedish-built Albin 25 I have (hull number 737) is an amazing piece of engineering and manufacturing. It's drop-dead simple - everything you need and nothing you don't.

That said, what is there is very high quality. The stainless handrails, the fiberglass, everything they put on them is top-shelf. They saved money by leaving the frills out.

Now, what does that tell us about the American-built Albins, from Rhode Island? Probably nothing. All they really had in common was the name and the idea for an aft-cabin boat which became the A-27.

Personally, I don't much care. Driftless has been and continues to be a wonderful boat, seaworthy (in sensible coastal waters) and economical. What more do I need?

That's my two smallest-units-of-currency's worth. YMMV

Go small, go simple, go now.


John R. Stewart
"Rise 'n Shine" Prairie-29, (formerly) "Driftless" Albin-25, Hull number 737
Dighton, Massachusetts, USA
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