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Eric . Bronze screw fastened with multiple layers of 10 oz cloth on the seams and complete coverage on bottom and sides. I'm hoping for a hoisting weight of 160 lbs or less (we'll see!). By comparison a livingston 10' is 210 lbs , inflatable around 100 lbs. Add 100 lbs for a motor and various gear and they are not light. I can pull it up a beach but not over a rail hence davits. I love the trinkas'-just not as a yacht tender! I am 6'4'' and 225 lbs. No wine glass sterns,round bottom tenders for me. I want something that I can step to mother ship with a load of groceries and not worry about being in the center of the boat. In other words, flat bottom, with rocker.

Hopcar- mine does not have the "V" in the fwd section like your garvey example, but it does have rocker. I think my bow is higher and more flair to it . Beam is 52" at the rail. You are right about building being enjoyable, I really don't need a skiff at this time. I built to a set of patterns by a skilled amateur. His patterns were excellent but his building directions sucked. This about the 10th or 11th boat I've built so I could pretty much figure out the build. Nobody really "owns the design" to these skiffs. They have been around for at least 60 years with each fisherman-builder adding their own touch.
Walt- I agree! Those Lake Union skiffs are some sweet looking! Your grandson and son should be proud of their build.

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Originally Posted by Sailor of Fortune View Post
These types of prams are used by Lobstermen on the North shore of Massachusetts, (where I grew up) and carry weight through chop to the moored lobsterboat. They are regionally known as Swampscott prams or Nahant type skiffs.

Sailor, do you have a photo handy of one of these skiffs used by the lobstermen? If so I'd love to see it. The whole New England/Canadian Maritimes fishing industry is fascinating to me and the boats they developed for it, from skiffs, to dories to schooners to lobsterboats, are all really amazing in my view.

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We've gotten a little thread drift going, from dinghys suitable for towing to building small boats so I'll make it drift a little more.
My current project is a 14' Glen-L power skiff that I plan to put a 9.9 Lehr propane outboard on. It's going together pretty fast and I expect to install the transom tomorrow. It won't be a good tow behind dinghy.
Here is a link to the Glen-L site showing it:

I think the Trinka 12 is just about the prettiest boat in the world. When Mark Johansen was making them in Miami he would buy Perko bronze oarlocks from me. I visited his shop one time and was blown away by the quality of the build. I hope he's at the Miami boat show next month. I didn't see him there last year and he's usually near our Gill booth at the sailbot show.
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I don't have any pictures of these skiffs, but I will post my build when it is finished. You will be able to see the "dory" influence with lots of flare in the sides and bottom rocker.
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A friend of mine that I cruised a lot with used to tow a 11 ft Whaler behind an old Mainship 34. That was just about the limit. He towed a 13 ft Whaler a few times, but thought it was a little too much both towing and handling around the boat.
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We been towing our deep V heavy 19 ft run that is very stable be hind the Eagle. What every you tow make sure its heavy with a low center of gravity so it does not flip/turn off. A friend of mine was towing a light aluminum 14 ft boat and it flip over. We have a 14 ft Livingston that we might tow as the run about is 42 years old, still running strong but she deserves a rest.

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