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Does an Avon RIB use "standard" transom drain plugs ?

To be filed in the Incredibly Stupid Problem Department file....

2006 Avon Seasport 360DL..... I have managed to loose both of the screw in transom drain plugs while the dinghy was sitting on the flybridge of the yacht for a year. I don't think they fell out but I vaguely recall purposely removing them, as the little plastic legs that held them in place, when unscrewed, were nearly broke.. so I removed them all the way... and a year later my feeble brain can't remember what I did with them (insert dope slap)

And no, of COURSE I didn't store them somewhere ON THE DINGHY....that would have been way too intelligent (insert second more forceful dopeslap)

And now I need to leave on a 60 mile trip on Tuesday and feel the need to plug those two transom holes "just in case" I need the dinghy.

So, seeing as I don't have time to get them from whoever might sell Avon parts, what is the likelihood they are the same plugs as what every other inflatable Rib maker used ? If not, I see tapered rubber stoppers from the hardware store in my immediate you agree ? (or "bois tampons"... i.e. tapered wood plugs....but rubber might be better so as to somewhat conform to the ID threads and not damage them)

As I recall the holes are about 5/8" ID...with internal plastic threads. Other than constructing a semi automatic plywood ass kicker complete with a boot with spike in the toe, for loosing them in the first place.....thoughts ?

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My Avon RIB 310 uses standard fittings. Think they're RWO but completely standard. I've swapped between my Laser and the RIB and have had other dinghies that all used the same fitting.
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