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Originally Posted by O C Diver View Post
DuraNautic Utility V

Reentering the boat would best be accomplished by modifying a ladder to hang on the stern or bow. Bow is a little trickier to mount but no motor to work around. In my younger and more agile days, I would push the tiller handle away from me and use the cavitation plate above the propeller as a step.

That’s a nice boat Ted. I like the position of the aft seat. Mine is too close to the transom. My outboard throttle is jammed in my back making it hard to guide.

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I have two dinghys. My wife prefers the West Marine hypalon compact rib 310 because it is very stable. I prefer the custom built 10' fiberglass rowing dinghy because I enjoy rowing. Wife doesn't like it because it is much less stable than the rib. One thing she does like about the hard dinghy is that the ride is drier. Both dinghys weigh about 115 lbs.

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ZERO problem with a bimini on a dink.

Unclip two straps... 6 seconds.


Unclip two straps... 6 seconds, pull two pins on aft supports... 6 more seconds, folds down and lays along transom.
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Originally Posted by ranger42c View Post
Think "system." ....... But then there's how you will use it -- long trips, high speed? harbor puttering? -- that will impact choice and also will guide choice of motor.

Plus how to tow, or lift. How to store on board. How to deploy.

Outboard installed/removed for each use? Or permanently mounted? What about winter storage (if that affects you)? Electric start? Or can every operator still pull the cord?
All the above points were on my mind when I decided to buy a RIB. My major use was to rig it for bass fishing in San Diego Harbor. My boat washing & diving people clean it every time they service the big boat. If I wish to carry it on the big boat my only choice is to hoist it onto the bow. (A real PITA!) I can't load it or launch it when the big boat is in the slip, thus the reason for parking it behind the mother ship. Also, when taking Sandpiper out for a bay cruise, the dinghy must be moved for leaving & entering the slip. Keep in mind that I said the major use is for bass fishing, which it fits that need perfectly. Conclusion...a dinghy will not satisfy every mission.
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Codger 1941.. Constant pursuit of the ultimate SoCal Cruising boat.
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I use an 11' and a 14' RIB (both Rendovas) which I am very happy with. I had the underbow area on each reinforced with an additional layer of sacrificial neoprene material as I run up to a rocky shore in the PNW in order to let the dogs ashore. This protects the tube. A friend just traded their hard dinghy for a RIB because they got tired of it banging and denting the mothership while anchored, moored and when they get 'waked' by idiots etc.
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I,m looking to change my tinny for 2 reasons
1. very noisy at night time
2. It is a bit tender and my boat is on a mooring so all boarding and disembarking is done by dinghy and my crew/visitors and myself aren't getting any younger so stability is a consideration.
Polycraft here in Australia make a great little boat and you can see it by googling 'polycraft tuff tender' , its a tri hull tender , very stable, wont damage your gelcoat and is relatively free from the slap slap that you get all night from a tinny, has air compartments that make it unsinkable and is tough and wont give you the problems associated with inflatables.
Hope I don't sound like I'm trying to sell these things but I have looked at this as a way of compromising all my needs and it has come up trumps
Steve Marcus
South Australia
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Steve. No dealers in USA -- shame
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Originally Posted by rsn48 View Post
Thanks, I'll look forward to your photo. My boats in refit and at the very near end of it, davits like yours go in and I add a new 9 1/2 foot hard bottomed RIB with Yamaha 9.9. I was wondering what to do with the fuel container while under way.
rsn48, sorry this took so long, I forgot to grab photos last weekend. Here are some shots of the mounting arrangement. Avon originally provided "fuel tank retainers and strap" and you can see in the deck molding they planned for it. I replaced the original plastic loops with SS ones and put a new webbing strap on, but they are the same dimension and in the same place. I pull the fuel tank out to refill, but in the meantime it stays put. The extra webbing at the end of the strap is held in place by a velcro strap. To keep the tank from moving for and aft more I run the strap around through the handle. I think its a decent arrangement. This dinghy is a 2001, and had likely had a fuel tank like this most of its life. (I think prior to my PO purchasing it used in 2008 or so it was kept horizontal on chocks, it has 3 point lift eyes added.)

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"There exist minds that think as well as you do, but differently."
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Originally Posted by Star0210 View Post
I have a Nautica RIB with a Bimini. I LOVE IT. Iím in that thing all the time. Only problem is the dinghy lift that came with our boat canít lift it so we have to upgrade. Thatís on the project list for next year. Opted for new canvas, window shades, and a major detail job this year.
Look at that! A rib with a Bimini! (I never see that up here, we opt to get any sun that happens to occur shining down on our white pasty bodies!)

"There exist minds that think as well as you do, but differently."
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1958 Lone Star aluminum 12' - Free.
1981 Evinrude 15hp - $150
Quick afternoon rides - priceless.
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Depends on price. If its a really good deal because you're buying the boat then buy it knowing you can sell it at any time and recoup your money.

If not then i'd pass so you can try out different systems and most importantly know what you need vs what you think you need. You can find a $400 used dinghy to get you back and forth in the mean time. It probably wont satisfy you but it will let you know what you don't want.

Checked your posts and it seems like it would fit well with the size boat you bought. My preference is the biggest and fastest dinghy I can fit but i'd use it as a second boat as well for fishing and diving(a 13' whaler would be perfect for me/cant fit it). Most people just need to get to and from shore so "it depends".
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fractalphreak (you made me look up fractals), how you store the gas tank looks good. I will be purchasing the davit system, an Oceanaire (local dinghy manufacture out of Sidney BC) 9' 6'' aluminum RIB with bow locker. The bow locker is a logical place to store a small 3 gallon tank but it would be nice to keep it clear for other uses like small dinghy anchor, portable VHF, first aid, lights, etc. Also a Yamaha 9.9 for the dinghy.

My refit continues to drag on but most of the 'heavy' work has been done, the old engine is coming out as I type this. The new engine and stern leg go in a couple of weeks from now.

La Conner has been one of our favourite places, stayed in and around town, eating at many of the restaurants, Calico Cupboard for breakfast. Talk about a protected moorings.

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