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Ok Wxx3 I'll bite,

"I think that is not the real lesson here. EPA, Congress and the Administration (many of them) have reached a point where decisions are not made based on science. Case in point, it has been clear for over 20 years that if we really wanted the most efficient car we could make, it would be electric drive train with regenerative braking powered by a small diesel running at constant rpm (oh, what a coincidence, just like our boats)"

Explain to me why this is a problem with the EPA, Congress and the Administration? Seems to me this is a problem with the producers of autos, boats and other motorized vehicles. In other words the capitalistic systems that we all know and love. All three of the above organizations only have tried to "restrict" emissions and dictate the most efficient vehicles with the least impact to the environment be produced. What "science" have they violated in the process?

RB Cooper

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