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A deployable drogue could also be rigged and the trip line all the way back to the mother ship...a little less complicated than a remote control and same effect.

But like most towing ops...great while moving, a nightmare when maneuvering.

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This one ticks all the boxes for me and I'll build something similar myself from polycore/epoxy

Here is our new Catatude Catamaran Dinghy
We had an excellent cabinet maker build it for us.
The few designs on the market did not meet my design criteria.
It is made from fiberglass, epoxy and foam core.

Cat Dinghy requirements
1) Has to be 9 foot 10 inches long (2.997 meters) x 54 inch beam (1.371 meters)
2) Has to weigh 85 lbs. (38.5 kg) without motor
3) Hulls have to go beyond the engine mount
4) Easy to row
5) Dry when going to windward in a chop
6) Quiet when tied behind the mother ship
7) Easy to clean
8) Holds four people
9) Plane easily with a 6 hp
10) Easy to walk off the bow
11) Maintenance free. No air no leaks
12) Hold up well in the Caribbean sun
13) Turn on a dime
14) Be fast and stable
15) Be able to mount a folding ladder off the bow for stable diving and snorkeling
16) Easy for two people to put the Cat on a car roof rack

This Catatude Catamaran Dinghy is very stable and fast. You can turn her hard over at any speed and she turns flat and on a dime.

Its really like driving a sports car.

My 10" inflatable would just barely plane with 2 people with a 6hp engine. This 10" Cat dinghy planes with 4 people in it using the same 6 hp engine.

She is just an effortless pleasure to row. I easily rowed for over a mile, as I was having so much fun. You can go full speed into a 20 knot chop and be dry as a bone.

More pictures HERE <click

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Thanks for the responses! It would seem that dink choices are just like our boats a compromise. I tried to post pictures from the url location. Does not work for me.

I choose to use the BW because of it's stability. If my wife can not handle it by herself then I can't use it. So that leaves out rowing, which I do enjoy doing for the exercise. I would love to have a small sail boat/row boat to sail around the anchorages, but I don't have the room. Since I do not plan on crossing any oceans I don't go out in rough seas with this trawler. I did sail my sailboat across oceans single handed when I wore a young man's clothes and was once three days in a bad storm, with the boat pitch poled and survived. Now I just want to travel the ICW and enjoy nice warm places in winter and cool ones in summer. I have looked at davits and rigs to haul the BW up onto the boat. I asked you experts for advise and love what you have sent. If the BW is not your cup of tea then please keep the negative responses at home. If it is your boat then please respond and with pictures. More please!

@ TheOffice: June 2013
Thank you,
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If my wife can not handle it by herself then I can't use it.

Agreed , as outboards can sometimes get balky the best motor for your BW might be an electric trolling motor.

The bride will always be able to be independant,

and you can give mucho GREEN BS to the rag baggers that look down their noses at marine motorists.

BW suffers from rotten very hard boat eating rub rails.

The 3/4 wrap canvas stuff is a good choice if looks count ,

but IF you can handle the look a row of 6 inch fenders mounted all around works really well.

Just dont be surprised in anchorages when folks try to wave you over for a lift ashore!
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The vast majority of time we tow our 12' Carolina Skiff, similar in size and weight to your 11' BW, using a 40' painter. She easily lifts over even the worst wakes from passing boats. For crossing extended areas of open water, we lift the skiff onto our swim platform. First we remove the engine and fuel tank. Next we lash a couple of fenders on the skiff's port side. We then position the skiff with its port side against the aft end of the swim platform. Here's where it gets interesting. To lift the skiff, I've fashioned a "Y" bridle of 5/8" nylon with 15' legs, eyes spliced into the ends of each leg, and a loop tied into the apex. I secure the spliced eyes into the cleats at the port and starboard quarters. Then I run the bridle under the skiff and lead it up out of the water on the skiff's starboard side. To the loop at the apex I attach a 4-part tackle which is secured at the aft end of my steadying sail boom. Haul away until the skiff is vertical and she nests perfectly there sideways on the swim platform. Half the weight is borne by the swim platform, the other half by the bridle. The fenders on the skiff's port side cushion it and keeps it from scuffing the swim platform. The whole process takes maybe half an hour. Simple, cheap, easy.
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Does that cat dinghy actually weigh 85lbs?
Looks like it would have an awkward driving position under power w the OB. With a tiller OB one usually sits in the stbd corner but w the cat dinghy one would need to be on CL and that would put the tiller behind you rather than off to one side. And do your hands hit the top of the tunnel when rowing? Last negative is that I've had a multihull that turned flat and didn't consider that a plus. In waves and/or choppy conditions I like a boat to bank .. not excessively but some.

I don't think I can smile as you do though so if having a cat does that for me I'd better get cat'in.

I have one dinghy/OB combo that my wife really loves. Tried to sell it but she won't let me. My other comment is negative and since you forbid that ...... If you view only the positive things in life your view won't be very accurate. But who knows .. it could keep you smil'in. Are you a shop teacher? I did that in my younger days.

The engine my wife loves is a 70s 6hp Johnson. She loves the engine and the boat. The yellow dink below.
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North Western Washington State USA
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