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Known issues with 41 Defever 1980?

I am looking at purchasing a 1980 DeFever 41 foot trawler. It has twin Ford Lehman engines with 500 hours since rebuild. Are there any known quality issues with this vintage? The deck is frp with no skid. It does have full teak rails and some covers. Also has a new Gen Set.

Of course I will get a survey, but are there special known issues with this vintage..? they are asking 55k for the boat.

New to purchasing trawlers....

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Others here will know more about these boats, but we looked at several while we were searching for our boat. We found that Defever apparently made several different boats in the same size range, with different hull sizes shapes, and different interior layouts. We found 41' "trawler" which seemed to differ from the 41' "Passagemaker", and found a boat being sold as a Defever which was titled as made in the trade name of one of the yards which built the Defevers.
Here is a site which may help you look at the boat before you have the survey done. Survey 101.htm
Good luck, JohnS

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There is a Defever Owner Group website. You can join even if you do not own one and ask questions there. I suspect you will get much more informed opinions there since most do own one.
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Thank you
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Lots of good info here.

Edit: If you join you can search forums and archives, old news letters with articles, etc.
You can also post your questions in the forum.
Be careful out there.
And remember; You can never have too much money or too many boats, you'll just never have both...
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Michael3, how good are your FRP, electrical, joinery and mechanical skills? Not to mention free time.

On a 40 year old boat of any brand there are generic issues that at least will cause concern and possibly could or should kill the deal. The list is very long. A few starting focus areas:

-- leaking fuel and water tanks
-- exhaust system integrity
-- engine and transmission condition
-- through hull integrity
-- motor mounts
-- rudder and shaft crevice corrosion
-- shaft log and strut integrity
-- hull blistering and delamination
-- topside core integrity

The list of potential serious defective areas can be longer. Any 40 year old vessel should at first glance be considered a project boat with attendant gotcha areas and cost. Might I suggest that when you haul out for survey, do it at a really good yard and have their crew spend a few hours looking things over.
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Really good reply Sunchaser! This should be the auto reply when we get this same question, which is every week. After 4 years Im down to the last item on your list and can attest to the accuracy of the issues to look for.
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sadly, lending institutions take a rebuild negatively.

And you folks thought I knew what I was talking about?
I do believe my intuitive gene has died.
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