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48' Defever Trawler

Just checking to see if anyone has experience with this model as far as stabilizers go. I am surveying a 1983 48' Defever with 2 Ford Lehmans 120hp so cruise should be 6-7 knots. I had a single engine 41' Defever that rolled a lot in any type of beam sea. I'm evaluating whether I will need to ad stabilizers to this boat. I've heard that this boat is fairly stable and I may be able to avoid adding them. Just wanted to hear from anyone that has experience on this 48' Defever.

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At the 6-7 kt speeds you are talking about, I doubt that you will see any difference between a Defever 41 and a 48. The higher hp of the 48 should enable it to go (at a fuel cost of course) 10+ kts and at that speed I would expect roll stability to be improved over that at the slower speed due to the hydrodynamics acting on the semi-displacement hull.


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Got a 48 with Wesmar stabilizers. The boat has fairly soft chines so it's borderline decision in stock form... The boat has a hardtop on the bridge so with the added weight the stabilizers are a nice addition...
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I have a 46 DF Pilothouse model. It rolled so much my wife was hesitant to leave the dock in anything but calm weather. Now it's like riding on rails, well slight exaggeration but well worth the investment.
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Paravane Stab's

I own a DeFever 48 with Parvane stabilizers and have been cruising solo pretty much non-stop for coming on 5 years now and although the stabilizers can be a pain to deploy sometimes they are well worth having; I wouldn't trade them for a pair of Niads. Manual but simple to operate and repair.
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By design and Art DeFever's intent the 48 and its sister hull the 49 PH Are not a planing hull. Thus, un stabilized they roll. But, in what seas and by what standards? Rolly conditions for one can be flat water to another.

Long time owners of the 48 tend to travel in snotty conditions, the boat can take it. Whether a Nordhavn or a DeFever, stabilizers in big seas really help. Keeping weight aloft to a minimum is good practice in any vessel. The 48 is no different. One quick test, try to induce a role at the dock by stepping on and off. This is the poor man's roll test for evaluating any boat while at the dock.

The 48 is a much bigger and heavier boat than the 41 and will role less in the same conditions. Me, I'd not have a Nordhavn, KK, Selene or DeFever in this size range without stabilizers. Keep in mind, none of these are intended to be fair weather vessels and thus are commonly found with stabilizers. In the early 80s though, active stabilizers were not available.

With the Lehmans the boat will travel quite nicely between 7.8 and 8.1 knots yielding about 4.5 - 5.0 gph. At 7 knots expect around 3gph. Fuel consumption is dictated by the hand on the throttle and role determined by conditions you venture out in. Good luck and enjoy the tough conditions.

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