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Nordhavn #3 - Still Afloat

Since our last post I could not find the thread on N3? Not sure if I'm just blind or it was deleted. Regardless, today after a stressful couple of days we have a new signed contract for the boat. Assuming all goes well (we can only hope) we should close by mid November.

As far as the process, we are now back talking with the attorney on the LLC, the bank on the small loan and the marina's for a slip. As to be expected the bank is looking for a more financial statements and the new name of the boat. I found this interesting that bank needs to include the name of the boat when we close. The LLC doesn't, I would have thought it would be the other way around. Only new question from the attorney is if we plan to take the boat to Mexico? It appears Mexico now requires additional documentation if the boat is in an LLC. Good thing to find out now and not once we are in Mexican waters and trying to clear in.

If someone was to ask how we view purchasing a new boat versus used boat I would have to rank the new boat purchase much less stressful. I credit this to not having to deal with a boat owner who views the value of his / her boat differently then the buyer. Granted this is our experience and others may have a different opinion.

Once the deal is complete I will provide more information on the boat specifics and hope it is not a let down of sort since this is NOT a large Nordhavn like many people including ourselves dream about. Remember we are on the lower end of the Nordhavn wealth scale and buying a boat that meets our current requirements. More to follow......

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So is this the one you originally walked away from?

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Originally Posted by N4061 View Post
Since our last post I could not find the thread on N3? Not sure if I'm just blind or it was deleted. ..
Here it is....

In Search Of Nordhavn #3

Take a look at the builders forums further down the page. I think Craig(Pseudonym) hooked y'all up with your own forum and subsequently moved that thread into that forum!!!

Good luck with the ongoing deal!!!!
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