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Manatee generator issues

Hi all
Forgive me for coming back to the well again. Westerbeke 5kw gen set located under the galley. Runs fine and charges batteries and runs a/c just fine, but nothing else. I have to run the inverter for any other ac power. (Inverter seems to want to suck power from both battery banks regardless of battery selected- this maybe an inverter setting causing this And this is not my issue). In looking at the scamatics it seems there should be a 30 amp breaker in the system for all circuits except the a/c. Which when tripped would cause the condition I currently have (no ac to anything but the a/c) does anyone have a clue where this breaker may be located?

Again thanks to everyone
Btw w are slogging it up the Mississippi from green turtle bay to Chicago

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Paul: Our boat came new in ‘87 with a single 30 amp system. Later, an owner split the system to a dual 30 with one side going to A/C and hot water with their own breakers. Lots of creative solutions to higher loads were done on these boats, but it’s best to have a marine electrician go over the system to explain those changes. A photo of your board might help too.


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For now, make sure the hot water heater breaker remains off Turn it on 30 minutes prior to anticipated need for hot water.

You said, you draw off both batteries? Are you talking about 2 house batteries?
One of battery switches are set up to put the house batteries in parallel with the start battery, in case the start battery goes flat. That remains Off until the start battery goes flat.
As I recall the switch for the house batteries (for a two bank battery) is 1, 2 or both. Leave it on both.
My AT has a single 3 battery house bank. The switch is only On or Off. (The AT34 has a 6kw generator and a 40 amp 3 stage battery charger.)

Load management, aka keep an eye on your amp meter.
Ideally, your amp meter is analog. You can put a piece of tape on the meter at the upper limit for a quick view. If I had any sense, because I have an electric stove, I should put an amp meter in the galley too. Just to keep an eye on the load.

Do you have a gas or electric stove?

If you do not have 2x30 amp cables, it is well worth the money to have the 2nd cable installed to run the A/C only.
Even with 2X30amp shore power cable, running the stove and the rest of the boat (excluding the A/C, which is on a separate 30amp cable) can be problematic. Load Management.

I have cured much of that by installing and inverter to run the 1200 watt microwave or 2X120vt outlets. Gotta have coffee. I keep the inverter off until I start cooking and will need 3 burners and the microwave or brew a pot of coffee. I made a mistake with my inverter when sizing it. Mine is only 1500 amps. To do it again, I would size it at 2000 or 2500 amps.

A side note, preaching to the choir: I shall use my boat as an example. I have 3x200 amp house batteries for a total of 600 amps. I think, the general rule of thumb for batteries is, of those 600 amps, I can only rely on getting 300 amps in total without doing damage to the batteries. I also have 2X130 amp solar panels (undersized). The maximum efficiency of the solar panels system, I do not know.

The lesson you learned today is "Load Management."

Why cant I give a short answer?
And you folks thought I knew what I was talking about?
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