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Love/Hate - Krogen Boom on KK42

I am going through a period of davit/crane envy having struggled with the boom lifting system for our dinghy which is an APEX 12 with Unihelm and a 20hp Honda outboard. I put a scale on the thing the other day and it weighed in at about 570 lbs.

Aside from needing to downsize the above, I am very nervous that the load on the boom/mast is excessive. I have seen pictures of other kk42s that have used a variety of different types of rigging and winches. My problem is compounded by the fact that Stout has a custom mast with stays that rake back which prevent the boom from deploying a full 90 degrees from the centerline.

I am seeking input on how you all have rigged your booms. I have a feeling the ultimate answer is a pipe davit or simple crane. Pictures are welcome.

Once again, thanks for your time.

Dave & Lisa Geer
M/V Stout kk42-087
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I used the mast and boom for 15 years, using triple blocks and 3/8" line. My dinghy and motor however weighted less than 250 pounds.

As I aged, got lazy, had extra money, I installed a dinghy crane and can now raise the dinghy single handed and in rough conditions.

A comment on the weight of your dinghy. When I talked to Krogen a long time ago, I was told the weight limit (total) for the upper deck was 750 lbs and that included all equipment, helm chair and any person up there. This was a stability issue not, to my knowledge, a structural issue.

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I installed Warn DC800 12vdc hoist for the boom and the lift line. Use synthetic lines on both lead thru snatch block. No complaints. I did simplify the install with one relay pack, one remote, and a switch to change over to the different hoists. My dingy weighs in at 440#, I wouldn't want to deal with another 130# at all!
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I was always wary of the mast boom on our Manatee. The Admiral couldn't even begin to deal with it and we needed something more manageable for our MOB plan. After a lot of thought, we built a custom aluminum crane out of 3.5" tube for the boom and 2.5" solid bar aluminum for the standpipe. We tested the crane for 500 lbs. and I can tell you, it is a vast improvement over the mast/boom assembly in its ability to control the load. The mounting position was chosen to swing an MOB to either the side door or to the swim platform, and it is rigged to pull up and inward on the port dinghy davit so the outboard can be left on the dinghy with no extra stress to the davit itself. Although we kept it simple by using a 900 lb. hand winch and single 5400 lb. Amsteel line, I may add an electric hoist later ir the Admiral demands it. Total cost was one boat buck for everything including the line and winch.
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Well..... Daydream KK42 Hull #28 has a teak mast and boom (yeah I know). I was thinking it was just a quirk until my insurance surveyor asked me “where is your sail?” It was like a lightbulb going off... I mumbled something about it not coming with the’s pretty amazing though... Bronze fittings and teak blocks no less.... could have come right off USS Constitution. To make a long story short.... I had about a day to pick up boat in Port Charlotte and move her to St. Pete... needed a dinghy quick... craigslist: Jolly 11 with motor... bought her and towed her up. Hoisted aboard in St. Pete... used existing manual winch (hello... also used to hoist and work sail)... thought to myself: this is heavy as heck... (Jolly: fiberglass tubes)... checked weight.... 850 lbs. Looked up in horror on the forum the max capacity... lifted her back up and off boat deck. Purchased Apex 10.... now breathing easier. Takeaway: man this boat is tough. 850 pounds of boat and whatever a mercury 15 weighs. No stress cracks, no loud noises, no leaks, no idiots dismembered by falling masts or booms... KK42 is a tough little boat that takes whatever a fool can dish out. I’m now a believer (and for those reading and shaking their heads...she can actually take an 850 Lb, boat and a 15hp motor with ease). I’m now safely back in 200 Lb country but figured I would confirm the axiom: there is a fool born every minute... you Buy a good boat so it protects the fool from himself.
Richard M. Nummi
St. Petersburg FL
1982 Krogen 42 #28
Lehman 120
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My mast is completely rotted, and is a goner. I will be in the market for a new mast in the next year or two (recommendations welcome), one of the documented refit/upgrades (Stout or Scott/CSL) ordered a custom aluminum from the West Coast. I'm going to check into that. Interestingly, my base and the bracket holding it are a-ok. Ironically the hardest part for me is figuring out what all the mast should support, these things aren't exactly modular. I may also see what KK supplies now, and if that can be retrofit to her.

My thoughts on the dinghy on the roof are that if there's a limit of 750, then for offshore cruising I do NOT want to get close to that. For getting back upright from a knock over, you want the most weight the lowest. For that reason, I'm thinking about various hinge/lift/contraptions to keep the dinghy low. Plus something the first mate can handle.

I tend to overthink things, so take it with a grain of salt, my plans don't include offshore for over 10 years, but that time flies when restoring a boat, and I like to optimize as many decisions as I can. I want make the right ones now that support the current and eventual use of the boat.
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Originally Posted by bridaus View Post
My mast is completely rotted, and is a goner. I will be in the market for a new mast in the next year or two...
With the recent hurricane damage, a broken mast and parts should be available. All Krogen did was use a mast and cut it to length for ours from what I can tell. The goose neck is standard not custom also.
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