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@Awaken. Good question! Where are you thinking of doing this and what size and weight of TV?

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Tv installation from the ceiling.

Originally Posted by Awaken View Post
Not sure I am doing this right. We just purchased a 1983 41 ft. Roughwater in Anacortes. Would like to open a discussion. We are about to hang a tv from the ceiling and wonder about a few things up there.
awaken; we wish to install our 32" Samsung,29"x17"x3", 8.3lbs. tv on the ceiling with a fold down bracket all the way forward in the saloon at the center windshield. Is there any substantial meat (good wood) under the woods strips of the ceiling? If so, how long of lag bolts can we use?

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Hummm...what about through drilling and dropping in rounded head carriage bolts from outside in and nut down on the inside. Flat head would also work. Or sex nuts mounted flair on outside, screw into from inside out, grinding excess length off then (both cases) sealing and refinishing. This is a light load so small stuff will do fine, I suspect #10 or 12 would be OK.

Congrats on an excellent choice...BTW, ch your transmission and engine oil coolers. Easily overlooked on maintance. 8.2 Detroit?
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Coming in from the outside is definitely an option, but it's going to put a hole for possible water ingress, into your roof. If you have the same style headliner as I do, removing one or two of the teak slats will allow you to drop down the white panelling.

Be careful when removing the panel (or panels) as they are quite thin and can be brittle after so many years and finding a replacement is a chore.

This will expose the wire chases and ceiling space. The "attic," so to speak.

You should then have sufficient space to mount a backer board or two using liquid nails or glassing them in or similar. You could then mount directly to those or drop the carriage bolts through from the outside while still keeping a good seal and keeping the roof rigid. If you don't want to drill from the outside, build a frame and then mount a sheet of plywood to it so that there is a hollow space underneath it.

Now, get a thin steel plate (another bit of plywood will do if you don't expect to ever mount a larger TV) about 2-3" wider and longer than your mounting brackets. Drill through the plate and plywood and mount your bolts so that the bolt hangs through the bottom, ready to accept your bracket and nuts.

You may also wish to drill a larger hole for the wires coming from your TV, to make use of the wire chase space under the headliner panels.

Last step would be to carefully drill holes in the headliner and fit everything together.

Hope this helps!
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Welcome aboard. Ah, Mr. Mule. Mr./Ms. A is a newbie. Best, perhaps, not suggest "sex nuts" (YOUR post #63) until he/she gets a few more posts under their belt...

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To hang the tv I screwed epoxy a 1/2 board, stained treak red and varnished. The scews are only to hold the board until epoxy drird. I bought brass hollow tubing at Lowe's or lamp plus to hide the wirer. When rewiring and install the pilot house which requied bigger tubing, I used brass hand rails that I cut in half. For new ceiling lights i bought 1/2 round and routed out the center. So all the wire is external to the ceiling walls that are covered. That way no noticeable holes or damage done.

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