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Originally Posted by Onedaymyboatwilcome7 View Post
the idea of finally having something that will be mine....well mine and the banks.
The bank part could be a problem.

And unless you spend enough that the boat will have some sort of raw waste processing system (lectrasan, for example), you don't know fun until you realize in the middle of the night that your holding tank is full. There's always a backup, but yikes...

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Hubby B: You didn't indicate what you intended to spend on this boat?

Some basic financial notes. Those who talk about saving money by living aboard are talking about living on a boat vs. living on land but also owning a boat. Then, and only then, does it save you. Renting an apartment is going to be less expensive than boat payments plus loss of income on amount you spend plus slip cost plus maintenance on the boat.

As you think of a houseboat, the best comparison I can make is that it's like living in a mobile home on the water. Nice houseboat=nice mobile home. Not so nice houseboat=not so nice mobile home. A trawler will have a very different feel. Will feel like a boat but also the space is much different. In some ways it will feel smaller.

Living on either in the warm seasons is great. Just step out on your huge patio. During the winter, they tend to lose their glamour and the real issues of keeping warm dominate.

If you owned a boat, were into boating, I'd say live on it. But having to buy one just to live on is a bad investment.

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