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Generator on Camano 31?

Do the Camano 31 Trolls come with a generator? If not how do you power things on an all day cruise or run the A/C while anchored out?

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Ron will likely chime in soon, as he has a camano without a generator. What I can say is that few of them (maybe 1/3) seem to have generators. I say this having researched every Camano for sale on the East Coast last year when we were looking for a new boat. I don't think any of them were factory installs, becuase there were many different brands and the installs varied. Having come from a sailboat without a generator, we got by without A/C when on the hook thanks to good fans, lots of hatches, and the fact that the boat is always bow to the breeze when anchored. I do know of at least one Camano that was using a portable Honda genny to run the A/C.

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Many Camano owners have had gensets installed. Others have not. If you want a Camano Troll but want a genset, you can shop for one or add it.

Surprisingly for some folks, a genset is not an absolute requirement for a cruising boat. As Carolina pointed out above, many sailboats do not have gensets. I would guess many smaller trawlers are the same.

I have a large house bank and inverter so I can use my microwave, coffee maker etc. The engine makes hot water so the only time I miss a genset is when I might otherwise turn on the air conditioning. Usually when anchored there is enough breeze to cool the boat.
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