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A Willard for Eric

Found a better Willard for you, Eric.* Yes, it is a Willard.* This one is currently for sale at Northwest Explorations in Bellingham.* You can view the details at
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RE: A Willard for Eric

WOW!!! Nice boat there Marin.

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RE: A Willard for Eric


Well I'm back from Ketchikan on a medical trip and of course I did all the usual shopping and restaurant eating.
I thought we were getting to know each other Marin. Apparently a lot of stuff has been whizzin over your head if you haven't figured out that I'm not a member of the bigger is better club. That Willard is way too big and I don't like much about the style of it either. I like a boat w long easy flowing lines that gently moves the sea aside and has a shape in the stern that allows the sea to gently flow aft into a modest following sea w a minimum of froth and turbulence. like most sailboats. I even thought about buying an old sailboat, gutting it, cutting 60% of the keel off, putting a raised PH trawler style house on and repowering w a slightly bigger engine w a reduction gear and a big prop. Almost all sailboats have too low a prismatic coefficent (too skinny at the ends) and too short a water line length.
No thanks Marin. That Willard would be much better suited to you than me. Willard did make many Navy personnel boats. I like them. Uniflite made them also. What I would call my style of boat would be a 34' version of the Krogen 42 w a lower wheelhouse and two Mitsubishi engines like I have in my Willard w one rudder.

Eric Henning
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RE: A Willard for Eric

Eric--- I was being facetious when I said "A Willard for Eric." I know it's not your kind of boat. We walk by this thing every weekend when we go to our boat, and its WAY too big for me, too. I know the owner (the one who's trying to sell it) but I've not been on it. The photos of the interior are impressive. But I wouldn't want to run something this big and bulky even if I had the bucks for it. The biggest boat I'd consider is a Fleming 55 which even though it's only some 5 feet shorter than this monster Willard is a considerably smaller boat.

But I'm with you, basically. Thirty-six to forty-two feet is my ideal length (for two people). And I like a low freeboard. The only way on and off the monster Willard is via the swim step. I like being able to get on and off the boat over the side.
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RE: A Willard for Eric


Why would you want two engines, (and I assume two screws), with one rudder?

The only power boat I have seen with this rig was extremely cantankerous to handle,* just terrible in close quarters.

Thinking more, I do know of some sail hulls that have twin screw, but they will have similar malady.

Without direct prop thrust on a rudder robs you of much maneuverability, imho.

Maybe on a troller hull you could get away with it.

Is this a west coast thing?
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