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Sorry try 160w

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This might be of interest too. My solar system The panels are flexible zipped to the fabric bimini.
One of our neighbours has flexible panels attached by toggle studs to an extended canvas cover over the cockpit. Easy to remove,just as well, one panel failed quickly.The flexible panel may not be quite there yet.
Another TF member(Rebel) attached rigid panels over the existing bimini tubes, bolting through,with the holes in the canvas properly trimmed. Rigid attachment might add some strength to the bimini, depending on the quality of the panel framing, but flexing of rigid panels might be terminal.

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The solar bimini thread was mine. KaJen was on the hard at Indiantown Florida when Irma hit last year. Sustained winds of 80 plus with gusts well over 100. Solar bimini was in place and there was no damage! Before leaving the boat I added ratchet style tie downs to help hold everything more firmly.

To clean the panels I stand on the railing at the rear of the fly bridge where I feel secure and hose them down, give them a quick scrub with a long handled deck brush, and give them another hose off. Works great. I do this early in the day before they get hot. They really don't seem to get that dirty.

Last season I went over four months without ever plugging into shore power or running the generator. I would not go back to life without solar. BTW, 1,600 watts into 800 amps of batteries fully charges the battery bank by noon or so except on rainy days, when it can take till 2 or 3. Of course I'm in the Bahamas so ymmv.

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