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Replace exhaust hose 1999 350 mainship trawler

Any suggestions short of cutting out section of floor in cockpit. I don't see any other access to exhaust hose.

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Pictures would help.

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I assume your question refers to accessing/disconnecting the exhaust end?

If it is like many of the PITA through-hull drains and vents, Mainship does a horrible job of planning for later maintenance access and replacements. A few weeks ago, replaced my waste tank through-hull by removing a panel in the back of the cabinet next to the fridge. Then by wiggling my head and one shoulder into the small opening, I could J-U-S-T reach it with my fingertips! That was fun. I have several more that need replacing that I have NO access to that will probably require cutting an access port in the interior bulwark.
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Can it be disconnected in the engine room and pulled out by removing the transom exhaust flange? Then the new one snaked back in?

If possible...exhaust flanges are usually bolted to the access behind yours?
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Misplaced thread alert.
Welcome aboard!
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I have not yet tried squeezing on top of the starboard fresh water tank on mine, but I have fit many times over the port side tank to get to the scupper hoses over there. (it seems to get tighter every year; i think the tank must be expanding
if you can fit over the starboard or find a skinny guy on your dock that owes you a favor I think that crawling past the gen set and over the tank you should be able to see the transom end of the hose.
good luck and let us know what you find. I looked over at the yahoo group to see if there was any history there on the subject but could not find anything
2003 MS390
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I replaced both exhaust hoses on mine, but I hired the job out. they brought in a small skinny guy.
John Scott
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Single engine or twin?

I replaced the hoses on my twin engine Yanmar powered 390. Access was ok after pulling water tanks. The hard part was getting the old hoses off and on the mufflers and 6/4 inch reducers.

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