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Repairing Hull - Deck Joint - RubRail Leaks

After using our MS 34 HT for a couple of seasons I finally found the source of periodic water in the bilge to be the hull - deck joint.
I repaired / resealed it last fall / this spring and happy to report the fix appears to be "permanent".
I summarized findings and fixes on our boat website and have posted a link over on the Yahoo MS forum.

I thought I'd also post it here so other Mainshipers (as well as other brands) might benefit from the learnings. I've had some comments re: which type of sealant / caulk is appropriate and whether to remove the rubrail at all or simply caulk the external joint as needed.
I don't wish to start a sealant caulk debate so I've suggested that anyone interested do some research and draw their own conclusions re: which caulk is best... although I have provided a few links that support my leaning

1. - Removing the PVC / SS rubrail does provide the ability to fix the root cause of the leakage
2. - For those of us in freezing climes I'd rather NOT have trapped water anywhere it can freeze and create additional problems
3. - I don't want to escalate any debate regarding the +/- of silicone - I'd encourage folks to do their own investigation of the many / varied sources of info and draw their own conclusions.

The link to my summary is on our boat "Bacchus" website. (See "Bacchus" Projects Pg 4)
This includes diagrams, several links to other boaters experience and several resources / articles re: sealants and their selection.

I'd encourage any / all who are experiencing leakage to explore the summary & links and draw their own conclusion.
I'd also like to acknowledge and thank Steven Cyr - another Mainship owner - who has done a fantastic job of sharing his Mainship info on his Stella Blue website (link provided in my summary)

If others have experience, photos, etc of a similar hull - deck joint repair project I'd encourage them to share it here

2008 MS 34 HT Trawler
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thanks for this post
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