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Pilot 34 Radar Arch Fastening System

The radar arch on my 2002 Pilot 34 has been removed in the past so the boat could be shipped by truck. I thought I would rebed the fasteners. I was very surprised to find that the arch was fastened to the deck and side using large stainless screws. I was fully expecting bolts. I also discovered that no backing plates were used as well. When I removed the screws I found that in several cases the fiberglass was stripped and the screws simply pulled out by hand.
I want to remedy this situation by installing backing plates and nuts and bolts. Where the arch fastens to the deck I think it would be possible to squeeze into the location to install the backing plates and grab the nuts with a socket.
Where the arch fastens to the side of the boat there doesn’t seem to be any access. My plan is to cut access holes from the inside to install a backing plate and be able to grab the nuts with a socket or wrench. I’d fill the holes with access plates. In my case I have cushion backs that these access panels would be hidden behind.
Love to hear your thoughts or solutions.
Or should I just use bigger screws and forget about the backing plates and bolts?

Jamie Morrison
2002 Pilot 34 “Foto”
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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I would do the through bolt with a backing plate. The screws will always be an issue.

Boat Nut:
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The cabin sides on the Pilot 34 is one layer of glass. Just drill through and use fender washers or a backing plate. I installed some grab handles
this way.

The topsides are two layers and it will be tough to get in between to install plates and nuts underneath the deck, but maybe it can be done.

Do you use the arch for anything besides the radar. Mine had a simple Scanstrut or similar mount on the cabin top. There is an access cover right below for wiring access.

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Make the backing plates thick enough to thread them with a tap. Then you don't have to fool around with washers and nuts and wrenches and sockets.
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