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Mainship 34 Master Stateroom

Looking for some advice/experience from a current or past Mainship 34 owner please. We're considering a purchase but concerned about the size of the master berth. The mattress is called a queen but it doesn't measure that way. It's 48" across at the head, about 64" wide in the center and narrows to about 42" wide at the foot (a regular queen mattress is 60" wide from head to toe). Regardless of the terminology, I think it may be quite uncomfortable to squeeze 2 of us into the standard Mainship 34 berth.

So my question is - has anyone enlarged this berth? At present, it's a walk-around configuration on both sides but there seems to be some room to enlarge the berth out to the bulkhead edges - this would make it accessible from the foot of the bed only but I'm fine with that.

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The size the bed based on the width at its widest point. very few Island Queen berths in the bow are rectangular.

To maximize the space, you sleep it in like a traditional v-berth. You're head and shoulders are further apart and your feet come closer together. If you try to sleep parallel, your feet will be falling off the side of the bed at the bottom. The two bodies make the shape, roughly of a "V".

It only takes a few nights to get used to.

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This place used to make custom foam mattresses to order. I don't know if they still do. I bought several from them years ago for RVs and camp trailers. The other idea is to buy a foam mattress off Amazon and cut it to fit.
What a pain in the transom.

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Presumably you are talking about the Mainship 34T, the only 34 with a queen berth. It worked well for me and my wife. The width is where you need it, in the middle where your hips lay.

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We have an '08 34T and both of us fit in the berth...I'm 6'3".

We did get a custom mattress for it from one of the vendors at a past Trawler Fest...they even had the mattress hinge so you could easily open the storage area under the foot of the berth. We did end up getting fitted sheets for it and they made making the bed, etc. much easier....or so the admiral told me
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mainship 34 master state room

I have no problem with size of the "Queen size" bed in the stateroom when it's the wife and me only. With our dog sleeping at our feet my feet are out in space. I have adjusted to this inconvenience after a few short years however!

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