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City: tallahassee
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Anyone weighed their classic 34' Mainship?

My marina has a forklift rated at 19,000lbs with the operator saying the heaviest he's lifted was right at that.

I know the Mainship MK1 34' had a weight advertised as 16,000lbs but i've seen numbers all over the place and even up to 21,000lbs from a member who weighed his.

The next closest place would be an extra hour drive for me and I want to do some work on the hard.

In addition to the topic question has anyone used a marina forklift for hauling their older Mainship 34? I know they aren't created equal but would make me feel better about it(I can't find any pictures of it being done).

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The advertised weight I saw was 14000#.
I had mine weighed in a new travel lift and it was 19000# +. That was 3/4 fuel, no dinghy, limited food and supplies as it was being hauled for winter storage.

Mine was a very heavy model I compared to most I have come across.

If the lift is rated at 19000 there should be enough safety factor to handle yours.

Jay Leonard
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I had my M1 hauled a couple of months ago and the travel lift gauge said it was 20,000 lbs. Full fuel and water tanks.
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I would be very careful lifting a Mainship 34 with a forklift. The 19,000 lb weight limit may be with the weight at the base of the forks. Lifting a MS34 from the stern like a dry stack boat, the weight will be out at least 15' from the base. Even lifting from the side with slings from the forks it will be out about 7', and won't be very stable at that. I doubt that the forklift has enough counterweight to keep it from tipping with much moment on it.

Also at least for cranes, the maximum lifting weight is just that- any more and it will start to tip over. Most cautious operators limit lifts to 80% of max.

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If I were going to have ours lifted via a forklift I personally would want to make sure the forks were under the inboard stringers & the fuel tanks weren't full and then I'd still be happy when it was sitting on the keel. They're fine boats but not the heaviest layup I've ever seen regarding the bottom & stringer thickness.
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I had similar questions when I first hauled ours. I believe the original 14k weight spec was for no gen, alcohol stove, no house batts, etc. of the 1977 model. Our 1982 had a gen, house batts, A/C, and all sorts of extra equipment. I assumed that was a good bit of the weight difference....that and maybe a bit of water in the core .
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City: tallahassee
Country: United States
Vessel Model: 1979 Mainship 34
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Sounds like 20,000lbs wasn't a fluke and would be way too risky on the forklift.

I'll have to suck it up and make the extra hour drive for a bit.
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I don't think that hull is designed for fork lifting. The lifting spots may end up on un-reinforced spots of the hull. Could damage it. Meant to be lifted by the keel.

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