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Accidentally bought a trawler ;)

Never really occurred to me, what I had done until describing the boat to a friend that is huge fan of trawlers.

Had been (probably accurately) describing it as a semi-displacement hull but once running it realizing how slow the damn thing is (), a light bulb went off and it all made sense

Boat is an '87 36' DC w/twin 270 HP, 350 cu in Crusaders and 6.5 KW Kohler generator.

Have owned it 2 months now and had it away from dock last weekend for the first time since the sea trial.
Loved it!

We were shopping at the bottom end of the budget for aft cabins and most we found in that range stopped being boats 3-4 yrs ago and became cottages.
As did this one.

As in, interior was gorgeous but nothing mechanical functioned
Luckily, I've done this all my life and am able to do most of the chores myself.

Sold an '86 Marinette 32' sedan/bridge (2nd 32', third Marinette) that was perfect to buy this project, knowing we'd spend most of the end of this season at dock (as in, a cottage) while I sorted it.

Top of list is motors. Starboard was recently rebuilt but port is orig.
On sea trial both motors ran warmer than I like so I replaced t.stats (160*) and topped off antifreeze (closed cooling) before going out last weekend.
At idle in neutral I saw approx 180* (new gauges) which is where it stayed under load up to approx 2800 - 3000 RPM.
Anything above that they climbed to 200* (which I don't like) and stayed there.
Based on feel and spray off the hull, I suspect the difference between 2800 - 3200 will only be felt at the fuel dock.

Overall I will say though, I am way impressed with this boat. The fit and finish, attention to detail, glass work is equal w/almost anything I've seen.
And i used to build vacuum infused 28' sport fish boats for the most anal guy I've ever met.

I am particularly impressed (as a glass guy) w/the glass piece that surrounds the ceiling of the main salon. Has built in wire chases, cavities for curtain tracks (full length of cabin!) and the gauge/dash panel for the lower helm and finished in gel coat.
This is all one piece w/not a single straight line anywhere. Would have taken hundreds of hours to get the mold right.

The picture is while anchored off the campground at Kellies Island in Lake Erie Ohio and the short video is coming around the west side of the island and passing the West Bay Inn. Has free dockage to enjoy lunch and a beverage and to see some of the best sun sets in the world.
Our wives were nice enough to give my brother (boat shopping again for first time in 20 yrs) and I hall passes for the weekend to play on the boat.

Anyhow, thanks for letting me play and I thought you guys might like to follow along w/the project.

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Nice looking boat. You have lots of fun times ahead, congrats.

Cheers, Bill

"There is simply nothing more worth while than messing around in boats."
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Welcome aboard.
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I'd be happy with the performance as is, in luding the 200 degrees over 3000. Nice vessel. Welcome to TF.

"I'd rather be happy than dignified".
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Nice boat, welcome!

There's been some talk around here about cleaning out heat exchangers with an acid-based solution like Barnacle Buster, Rydlyme or just plan phosphoric acid (diluted). Several folks reported running 10 degrees cooler after.

Sounds like a very good thing to do with a recently-purchased used boat, I'm going to give it a try.
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Thx for all the compliments guys.

Just reread the Mainship 36 thread and its great info as well.

Couple more weekends of fun and then it goes on the hard and the real work begins.

If weather cooperates we plan to put some miles on it this weekend and this time w/my GPS and note book so we'll get a base line.

Next season should be big fun.
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Welcome Gary, great to see you bringing "that ol' girl" back to the dance! You will grow to love her. I love that aft enclosure set up. Looks like a hardtop? is that canvas on the fly bridge or hardtop there?
We have the 40 DC with the big block engines. The suggestion by CaptTom brings the point to mind that you may want to find WHY you are seeming to run a little hot. prior to assuming you need rebuilds for the engine. Lots of things could cause high heat. Poor water flow, clogged heat exchangers ETC. Gauges do lie. sometimes. You seem to have the experience to sort all of that out, ENJOY.
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Send a message via Skype™ to Peter B to confirm, as it has not been stated as such, and someone has to it a Mainship 40..? It looks like one, as as the old saying goes, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck...
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Peter, stated in post #1, it is a 36.
I think the hard top makes it look bigger.

Dave, hard top aft, canvas bridge enclosure.
Sea trial and closing was delayed as we debated motors "actual" condition.
Port (orig) motor showed low to no oil pressure at idle. Oh, and neither would even start for sea trial.
I like to gamble though, so.....

I replaced all gauges on bridge and oil pressure sending units.
And thermostats.

We now have 20 lbs of oil @ idle but doesn't rise w/rpm which is very odd.
Stbd idles @ 20 but goes to 60 @ speed so we know that one got a high pressure pump @ rebuild.

On elevated operating temps above 2800, I haven't been through pumps or strainers yet.
At first glance, it appears that objective is to establish health/power of both motors then go from their.
Have been considering power options but don't think I'm willing to go beyond small blocks due to necessity in changing manifolds, plumbing etc.
One option I do like is addition of Vortex heads to existing motors.
Approx +30 hp's per side.

Really enjoying Tony B's fuel use graphs and in looking at them, it appears to me that there is a sweet spot @ 3K RPM.
Bellow and above that rpm, the boat needs more rpm to gain 1 mph than it does @ 2980 rpm and 15.8 mph and .9 mpg.
If I'm doing my math right, that equals 14.23 gph @ cruise which I'm OK with.

What I really like though is that tells me the 270's have enough power and w/existing props I only need them to be happy @ 3k which I think I can do.
Clear as mud?

Dave, PS, we like the additional living space of all the canvas but I like the looks of the boat w/o any of it.
If I was single, the hard top and all canvas but bridge Bimini would be for sale ��

In picture, left are new gauges, rt is new.
Drastic, affordable improvement.
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Gary, Yes that is odd with 20 lbs oil pressure at idle and no change with change of RPM? Odd indeed. I like the side enclosures off as well. Not much cold weather around here to hide from. Keeps things less dirty in winter when all zipped up!
We do other stuff when it's freezing out. New gauges look nifty, appear easier to read at a glance. The hard top for the aft area is the best. Wish ours had been optioned that way. Too much trouble for me to change it now.
Great looking ship you have there. Cheers

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