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Here's a link to a previous thread on this Forum on "take-apart knuckle hinges
Krogen Cabinet Hinges

John Harper
Golden Dawn, KK42-82
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I have an Albin also, full of those hinges. I actually found a great selection of them in that little hardware store in Key West right near the waterfront, but that was about 18 years ago.

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It is supprising to see that these little hinges are in such demand.

Just needs someone to trash their Albin trawler!!!!

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Lots on Amazon - "bullet" hinges or "lift-off."
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I received my hinges from They are beefy, thicker than the old ones (will require a little bit of chiseling), and unfortunately I ordered the wrong side of the door.

I also ordered some from Amazon for the proper side and will report on them.

I've also seen the word "olive" used to describe them, due to the shape of one half of the hinge.
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If you are replacing the hinge because of that corrosion try a short dip in muriatic acid to clean it up. Then spray with clear lacquer.
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Originally Posted by bridaus View Post
Those are the one's I need and have recently ordered. Not sure about OP though. My MarineDepotDirect order is on it's way, we'll see.
I just noticed we have some of those hinges on our boat too. Following this thread to see if anyone has any luck finding them.
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Same here. I've bookmarked this thread in case I need some replacements. About 1/2 of my hinges are missing the spacer washer.
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I sat here thinking that I need to replace missing hinges. After sorting thru the WWW with no luck, I thought go to TF! Those guys know everything! Boom!!! There is exactly what I am after. Back to WWW to order.
Thanks, guys (and females, ladies, women) for the help.

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