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Ocean Marine

Hi, is there anyone out there with an "Ocean Marine" trawler yacht (no other "lesser" brands need reply!)?

I* know that Ocean Marine became Ocean Alexander - so only interested in yachts built before the change of name.* Does anyone have an official badge/logo for Ocean Marine?

Ours was built in 1979/80 and is a 38' and lives on the South Coast in the UK.

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RE: Ocean Marine

Hi British Mark,

Your boat looks very simaler to mine. Mine is a C-Kip made by C&L Marine. I have read that Alexander Lee worked as a foreman at C&L and went on to be the Alexander in Ocean Alexander. The C-Kips were imported to Kip Marina in Inverkip. They mention the boats in their "1st 40 years" newsletter on their website. Look at mine and see if it is like yours.

I bought mine in Brighton 3 years ago and it currenty resides in Norway.


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RE: Ocean Marine


I enjoyed the photos on your website.* Thanks for posting the link.* Nice boat and Norway looks like a beautiful cruising area.
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RE: Ocean Marine

Hi Steve,* thanks for the photos - some great inspiration for us as we have only just bought our boat and are in the process of a general tidy up and upgrade (removing lost of redundant wiring, layer upon layer of varnish, new electric heads etc.)

Have you replaced the cabin window surrounds as the wood looks much brighter (nicer) than ours - but it could be the multiple layers of varnish on ours.

Does your boat sit "bow down"?* We haver added ballast to the stern so that now with full water tanks the water level is about 1" below the exhaust outlets on the transom - but she still looks a little bow-heavy and the saloon floor isn't level.

Your comment re Inverkip is interesting - I'd assumed that C-Kip was a Taiwanese derived word - and that Mr. Kip was alive and well and living in Taipei!

Where do you keep her?
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RE: Ocean Marine

Hi guys,

I have been sanding down and re-varnishing the solid wool around the windows in the salon. I've taken the worst of them that lost their finish from condensation on the windows. I used a good sharp paint scraper and/or paint remover to remove all old varnish b4 sanding. Anything in solid wood can be made as good as new. In the winter months I've applied window insulation plastic you warm up and shinks to form a clear plastic sheet over the window. No condensation! I am in the process og shining up the brass on the portholes and sure would like to get ahold of some Sharkhide metal protectant to keep them shiny but they won't send it in the mail.* I'm looking for some durable sealer to protect them. I can't say my boat sits lower in the bow, but usually keep the water tank pretty full. The boat is so darn heavy I don't think it sits any different full or empty. I've been fixing and cleaning up the engine room during these dark gloomy days in Norway. One of the exhaust elbows started leaking and a new one is on order. I'm hoping for a long trip this summer to Sweden. In 2010 I logged 700 Nm going from Farsund Norway ( where we are on the very south coast), down to Lemvig Denmark, though Limfjord, over to Goteborg Sweden, up the coast to Fredrikstad Norway and back home down the coast. Was gone a month and it was one of the best vacations I ever had. For 2 of the weeks- it was just me and the dog. What a life! Mark, do you have the marble looking laminate in the walls in the heads?

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Yes, I have an Ocean Marine '79. There is another of the same year just across the dock. Mine is a ;galley down', the other is 'galley up'.
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Hi Goya.
I am Bjau situated in Stavanger (Austre my) and I am the happy owner of a 40`Ocean Marine C-Kip I have been looking all over for other boats like it,but never seen any.It figures it is another one just down the coast then.
I have a challenge. It is leaking a little, and I have to pump it every three days and there is about 30 centimeters of water in the keel. Do you have any experience with axle leakage or is there some points I have to check ?

Bjrn Axel Aunan

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