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Workin' on the starboard oil cooler can be a chore. I wound up takin' off the alternator to get the room I needed. Had to pull my port side MS-3 mechanical transmission to remove the glaze from the shiftin' cones.. Not too hard if one is mechanically inclined. With Volvo's lack of support for their older products, one has be mechanically ingenious to keep these engines runnin'. We bought our 1986 36' Nova in Ventura (2000) after it had sat on a mooring in Santa Barbera for a year. No records availible, but the survey wasn't too bad. Kept it in Ventura for 4 months until we redid the interior and I fixed the A/P pump and then brought it down to San Diego. We also like the boat but the ever leakin' windshields are givin' me a pain.

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Nova East

I have a 85' Nova 40 with 135 Perkins. I have owned it since May and absolutley love the classic lines and space on board. The Sun Deck is what truly makes this boat the star. I have had the typical problems with engines that have been poorly maintained. I had to replace the Stbd Heat Exchanger and Exhaust elbows. since I was there, I went ahead and changed out the exhaust hoses from the elbows to the transom exhaust port.
I have replaced all thru hulls on the boat due to lack of confidence in integrity. I also replaced the Toilets and all Head Sanitation Line to Holding Tank.
It is an issue with the engine clearance to the fuel tanks but it simply means you will spend a little time thinking about the problem before engaging it. I have found the perkins to be VERY economical to run.
The Nova has excellent Glass and thickness. Built like a tank. Her sea keeping is excellent but she does get rolly in large wakes. Most repairs are straight forward and visibility on the fly bridge is excellent for manuevering and docking.
I love the conversation from at the marina as people will walk up and talk about the looks and ask questions about the boat. I like the classics. The Nova is certainly one.

Engine parts are not hard to attain.. you just need to search around. I use TAD with excellent results. Other parts are custom made at MESA in Alabama.. I am building a good spare parts kit for her.
For me, I would look for another if I ever sold or lost this one.

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I had a Perkins on my previous boat and a Volvo on my current boat. Wish I could have kept the Perkins ! The Volvo is reliable but parts are ridiculously expensive. I used to buy my Perkins parts from Farm supply houses which don't have "marine" markups. The Perkins were used for tractors and generators and parts are readily available. If you can find one of the 5 ring Perkins (most are 3 ring) , even better as we had 20,000 hours on ours before rebuild.

Perkins blue, Volvo green .......
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The Nova Sundeck proved to be so popular, it was brought back into production, without the enclosed sun deck, (no wing doors) and a whole lot less teak.
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Originally Posted by fullsail View Post
There is another Nova 40 out in Oxnard CA that has Mercedes Nanni 5-300T engines.
Further thought. If the "5" refers to the number of engine cylinders it raises a question. I`ve not heard of Mercedes(or Renault) producing 5 cyl. engines though they may have; Volvo have sold 5 cyl auto engines.
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Heritage East 36

I just bought a 1988 Heritage East 36 Sundeck with twin Perkins 135s. I have been a liveaboard sailor for 10 years but this is a whole other animal. I am enjoying reading y'alls discussions on the boat & taking notes. I too had a Volvo once in a sailboat & agree parts are valuable to Volvo. Jim
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I am the very proud owner of a 1988 Heritage 44 and I love it. We have been boating for years and have had over a dozen boats but this one is it. I have twin Cummins 250HP engines and would never go for anything else. We cruise at 10 knots (hull speed is 8.3) but can get up to 14 if needed. I have had o problems with through hulls or getting to service points on the outboard side of the engines. We have been caught by surprise in some horrible weather and I was amazed how well it can handle it. My wife, who is always afraid of the ocean, is looking froward to heading up to Canada this summer.
The main point when you are buying, as many others have said, is to either buy a boat that was meticulously maintained or one that is "used up" to the point that it pays to rebuild/repair to get it into good condition. I have gone the cheap route only to find that it would cost the same when all is said and done. I actually prefer the later so that I know exactly what I am dealing with, but you can't finance a beat up boat or the repairs that are needed so it can be an out of pocket thing until it is done and you could get financing to repay your bank account.

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