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Originally Posted by AlaskaDreaming View Post
Hi All,

Got a mechanical inspection and would be interested in opinions of this report. Doesn't seem bad for 6500 hours - but should I worry about more things in the near future.

This is what the report indicated:

Check over engine. It appears to be in fairly good shape. Was wet around top end, looks like V/C gasket leaking. Belts and hoses look good. Start up engine, check smoke (engine warm from owner running it earlier), a lot of smoke and appears to be blue in color. Check and record exhaust port temps: 1- 125, 2 - 122, 3- 124, 4- 141, 5- 127 6-145 degrees F. Coolant temp was 135 degrees F and RPM at 850, could not get RPM to go lower. Take boat out for a sea trial and ran up WOT RPM 2330 traveling at 8.6 knots. Coolant temp 186 degrees F, coolant started spraying out bottom of left hand side of exhaust manifold end cap. Dropped RPM and leak stopped, also rear cap has a wet spot on top of gaskets. Suggest resealing both, plus new thermostat and gasket on expansion tank and also replacing valve cover gasket. Noticed that it was wet at rear of head gasket though it may have been leaking - tasted liquid it did not taste like antifreeze, may be oil from V/C gasket. Tested 2 8D batteries #1 - 1247 Amp, #2 Battery - 1316 Amp, both batteries 1155 CCA, both tested good.

Following this the owner has replaced the blown gaskets and the valve cover gasket.

Thoughts? Does this seem pretty minor given the number of hours or would these sorts of issues suggest backing off the purchase or looking for a price reduction to cover future issues?? Apparently all cylinders were firing.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
So the mechanic did not provide an indication of the overall condition of the engine? IMHO, you should ask for that. Isn't that what you paid him for? He seems to have done a decent job of highlighting the issues without telling you what needs to done to fix it.

I would be concerned about the blue smoke in particular.

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Pointing a pyrometer at an injector isn't an accurate indication of the cylinder temp for several reasons, it is cooled by the fuel going through it, and second, the fuel lines lengths vary so the temp will pick up engine room temp (more on longer runs). The last is the accuracy of a non-contact temp sensor. Just because the laser is pointing at x, does not mean it is only sensing temperature at x. They often have a conical field of view, so distance tends to blend the temps of everything around the laser dot.

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How old is the report? Do I understand correctly that after the inspection the owner replaced the head and valve cover gaskets.
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I received the report today- the inspection happened yesterday. As of this morning the mechanics went back and replaced the exhaust manifold gaskets and valve cover gasket. I am not sure whether the owner also replaced the thermostat at that time. I am about 2 hours from the boat and wasn't able to attend the mechanical. The surveyor comes tomorrow and I will attempt to get a chance to chat more with the mechanic. He did verbally give me a brief report - he said he wasn't concerned about the smoke, but did think that i should plan on having the injectors rebuilt within a few years - not sure what that is based on, so will try to get more infos. Not a great communicator via 'phone' so hopefully in person I will get more. There were very few choices for diesel mechanics for the inspection unfortunately.
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Considering what the mechanic found and that the hoped for fixes have been made I would sure want to have the engine put through its paces again to see if the new gaskets, thermostat, etc. have made differences, particularly with the coolant spray from the rear of the manifold.

Any engine problem can be fixed, from replacing a belt to replacing the whole engine. The only variable is what the person who owns the engine is willing to do. I would not buy a boat with the engine issues you describe unless or until the problems were corrected properly OR.... if I decided I was willing to buy the boat with the engine as-is and deal with any problems on my dime. In the case of the latter, the price of the boat would have to reflect the risk I felt I was taking.

But in your situation, I would not buy the boat until the engine is run again to determine if what the current owner did has actually done anything. Then I'd know what I was dealing with and could make my decision on facts rather than suppositions, hope, and someone else's assurances.
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The repairs were made by the mechanic who did the inspection and I will see the boat run again tomorrow as the surveyor will need to move it to have it lifted for bottom inspection. I will be able to talk directly with the mechanic then. The owner immediately had the mechanic make the fixes suggested at least the manifold gaskets ... Not 100% sure on the thermostat but more worried about the blue smoke as that might mean a rebuild isn't far away. That said the mechanic did not seem as concerned about that on our phone conversation but comments made here of course cause me to wonder. How would I know if the engine oil was overfilled and the dipstick not corrected as someone mentioned earlier?
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Does it smoke all the time or just on startup and a few minutes after that and then clear up?
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Checking with the mechanic and seeing/hearing it run again are good, but, to tell you the truth, just for piece of mind, I would get oil samples of the engine (s) and generator. This will tell you of any contamination of the basic wear metals. Should cost about 50 bucks each to get a full report. Contamination levels can tell you piston/ring/bearing wears and how soon before you have to get into the engine for what could be a major overhaul.

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