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troy994719 05-28-2009 05:06 AM

San Jacinto River
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We were up the San Jacinto River this weekend, nice area to anchor out and quite a bit of dinghy exploring around. Its about a 30nm trip from Kemah first going up the Houston Ship Channel then turning onto the San Jac River.
This is an area that people do quite a bit of four wheeler riding, a lot of them have lift kits, bigger tires and have made snorkels on the ATVs so they can ride them in water up to the handle bars. I watched one cross six foot of water, its pretty crazy to see in person.

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Nomad Willy 05-28-2009 10:53 AM

RE: San Jacinto River
Ye Gods it's QUADS. I thought we had most of the quads in the country up here in Alaska** ..* not true! They ride them all over town here on special permits* .. even kids. We don't have any police here so frequently people do whatever they want like making dust clouds on the road tween the school and our house. Only a day without rain and the road gets dusty. There's talk about paving this summer but they go way too fast by the school (45) and i'm sure the'll go faster on new pavement.
I heard it was 80 in Seattle yesterday** ...* must be summer.

Eric Henning

Marin 05-28-2009 11:59 AM

RE: San Jacinto River

nomadwilly wrote:

I heard it was 80 in Seattle yesterday** ...* must be summer.

The only reason it was 80 here is that the more or less permanent haze of volcanic ash from Mt. St. Helens (and soon Mt. Baker) holds in*the heat given off by our cars, smokestacks,*household heaters, etc.* Global warming, you know.* Don't let the temperature readings from down here fool you, Eric.* The weather is actually just as gloomy and wet as always......


Steve 05-28-2009 08:05 PM

RE: San Jacinto River
Quads, the land equivalent of the jet ski!

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