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Knot-Enuff 01-30-2013 12:36 PM

Any Atlantic Trawler owners.
I just purchased a 1986, 47' Atlantic Trawler. I understand they are designed by Jack Hargrave who also designed the Hatteras yachts. I see a very similar look and design to those yachts and mine in our marina. The Atlantics were not manufactured very long as the ecomony took it's tole and the yard closed. I am looking for a few, hard to find, replacement parts so any information will be welcomed. I'm new to this site as I use to be on a sail boat. Love it and look forward to getting a lot of information as I go on my journey.

chiropaul 02-08-2013 04:20 PM

I owned a 1981 44' Atlantic similar to the 47. Yes, it was a Hargrave design. The 44 was essentially identical to the 43 Hatteras Motor Yacht, the difference being the Hatteras was a flush deck and the Atlantic had a step down to the side decks fro the aft deck. On my 44, the portlights were made by the Fuller brush company's maine division( amazing, huh?) I was able to get replacement screen for all the ports. The windlass was made by Ideal in CT. While they can repair any problems, very expensive and I replaced mine with Good brand rope/chain windlass. I may have some additional info, so ask away.

Keith 02-08-2013 06:58 PM

Is Fuller still in the marine business? That link doesn't work, and nothing shows up anywhere on their site any longer.

chiropaul 02-09-2013 08:56 AM

Haven't checked it in several years. Sold the boat in 2007 so have not had the need.

Knot-Enuff 02-09-2013 08:59 AM

Thanks Paul, I am looking for something you might be able to help me with. On my boat, the 3"vents come up through the toe rail around the front of the boat. The rail is approximately 4" wide. One of the plastic clam shell covers , to the vent, broke off. All of the current clam shell vents, on the market, are a little wider than my toe rail. Any suggestions as to who manufactured them or where to get a replacement?

Thanks, John

Daddyo 02-09-2013 09:00 AM


Originally Posted by Keith (Post 133259)
Is Fuller still in the marine business? That link doesn't work, and nothing shows up anywhere on their site any longer.

Yes they are. They have no web exposure at all. You have to call them.

chiropaul 02-09-2013 03:38 PM

Hi John,
My only suggestion on that one is to Sam's Marine International This is a company that carries all the old Hatteras replacement parts, and since you're dealing with a Hargrave design, the part may be interchangeable with the same Hatteras part.
Good luck,

LUVN LIFE 09-11-2013 12:26 PM

Any Atlantic Trawler Owners
John, did you purchase Knot Enuff from the fellows in Texas. There was a 47 Atlantic in Tierra Verde, Florida in 2005 with the same name and we got to know the owners. I gave them copies of wiring diagrams and they gave me some original brochures. You have seen the similarities between our 47s and the Hatteras 48 series 1 motor yachts. I was told by a former Atlantic employee that Hargrave originally designed the unique full keel "modified displacement" hull for the Prarie 46 in the 70s. He used that same hull on the 80-84 Hatteras 48. Working for Atlantic he took his Hatteras design, adapted the hull, increased the beam to 16', added a shower forward, full size appliances, a full hard enclosure aft, and designed a hard top.
The Bride and I have lived aboard our 47 since 2004. We love it and she claims if we get to old to handle the lines we'll buy a little piece of land on some body of water, dig a hole and bury it up to the port holes.

Knot-Enuff 09-11-2013 08:19 PM

Knot-Enuff, A 47' Atlantic in Galveston Bay Tx
Good to hear from a fellow Atlantic owner. Not many of us out there. I did by her from two brothers in Fort Worth, Tx. and she did come from Fla. (Which, by the way, so did I.) She probably is the boat you are familiar with. I was aware of the history of her and the similarity to the Hatteras. There is a 58' Hatteras docked near us and we look like a smaller cousin to her. The Admiral and I love her. We too will keep her until we can no longer climb the steps. I plan to retire in two years and we will take off on her. First port will be back to Fla. I grew up in the Keys and want to take the wife there. Where are you? Maybe one day we can get together.

John & Jan:rolleyes:

LUVN LIFE 09-12-2013 09:39 AM

Lorraine and I are back at Tierra Verde Resort Marina Saint Petersburg after spending a few years on the East Coast and the St Johns River in central Florida. A google map search of our marina shows us in a protected area directly off of the Gulf. This place was completely torn down and is being rebuilt with all new docks, ships store, showers, laundry,100 room hotel,restaurant,pool hi&dry, new fuel and pump out systems. It will be a great stop for anyone traveling between the Keys and the Panhandle of Florida.
I have one more year of work before we can get serious about long range cruising. We will probably keep this place as a home base.
As for your clam shells, the guys on the Hatteras forum on SAMs have had to have new ones fabricated from the old ones as they are no longer available.
John, there is a Atlantic Prairie Owners group, managed by Rich Weiss. It is not very active but he can send you a spread sheet with all the Atlantic and Prairie owners and there locations.

TwistedWench 09-23-2017 02:23 PM

1977 44
Holy smokes, there are others! This makes me happy. Has anyone figured out where to find original documentation on these boats? I do have the majority of it, however not all of it and bring my first boat, I do need some help.

tmaheras 07-23-2018 06:21 AM

Looking to Buy an Atlantic 47

I'm looking at buying a 1986 47 and was wondering if anybody could give me an idea about fuel consumption. She's got 6v71's total hp 870. We're going to be using her primarily for cruising the Maine coast and the St. Lawrence River. Also is a bow thruster suggested. Any other advice appreciated? Thanks in advance

Gmarr 07-23-2018 02:41 PM

Id suggest opening a new thread- from the looks of this post, you might not get much response as its titled Atlantic and not much chatter on here.

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