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BruceK 10-08-2012 07:16 PM

Wiper Motor Replacement
The screen wiper motor works but the spline on the stubby shaft which protrudes above the windscreen is worn away so the arm can`t grip the shaft. Someone previously added extra "grub" type screws,and glue. I think I have to replace the motor unit. I could maybe drill through the stub and bolt the cup of the arm to the stub, but drill access is poor,and it is a pretty rough way to go, and the cap is not designed to be drilled & bolted and may bend and distort.
How to remove and replace it?
The motor mounts on the front of a plank you can access by removing the underneath panel above the helm area, but there is so little space between plank and glass I suspect the motor was installed before the screen glass. You can see the motor without dismantling anything, by lying on the "dashboard" and looking up adjacent to the glass.
Anyone done this job who can give me some tips? I`m thinking to remove the plank. The replacement motor must go in the right spot to match the hole for the drive stub. BruceK

psneeld 10-09-2012 06:27 AM

try epoxying/5200 it on... to remove usually a bit of heat (over 300 deg for epoxy) is all that's needed to break up the epoxy when you need to remove it. Just clean and file the inside clean before gluing.

The bolt idea seems OK too....just make sure the wiper isn't stuck before using (morning preflight)...

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