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Andy R 06-22-2012 10:25 PM

Oppps, sorry... I wiped out some settings!
I was logged into the administrative section of Trawler Forum at the same time as another forum which we are working on. I was running some maintenance scripts to set default settings and accidentally wiped away and set the defaults here. It looks like it effected about 66 accounts but I don't know which ones so if you had updated any of the following settings you will need to reset them (SORRY!)

Default thread subscription - This is the one that will send you an email as soon as someone replies to a post you had made.

Receive Email from Administrators - This will opt you out of getting any emails from us like newsletters or happy holiday stuff.

Receive Private Messages - This allows you to turn off the private message feature.

You can update these settings in the UserCP >> Edit Options page. Here is a link directly to that page:

I am very sorry about this inconvenience!

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