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JOY-SEA 10-09-2019 10:05 AM

Selling my 30 ft luxury cruiser 2 purchase a Trawler , but which 1 ?
Always having a boat mostly fishing.
Moved up too a 2004 -30 ft Regal Luxury power cruiser
Twin gas engines , burn gallon per mile , slow , fast , single engine
tied it all , still burns the same .
I use boat multiple days of every week here in Fla. Stay local
Time has come too move up too a different styled boat
We are a retired couple , 70 ies
Enjoy fishing sleeping aboard , cruising , talking with fellow boaters .
Wife joins me so we do this journey together but no sea legs,
not as adventurous as me, not addicted too ocean .
Any boat I get I have too consider her otherwise doing it solo, and if
I had too do it solo I would get a decked out 25 ft fishing boat with
every bell & whistle keeping home
TRAWLER is slow paced , room , she wont freak out hitting waves
Broker at my marina has a number of trawlers for sale . Not buying
anything until I sell , Trying too entice him into bartering , ( paying
commission ) if he can find a trawler owner looking too get a
boat like mine with trailer. Willing too adjust value ,
This way we both get thru value
Of coarse survey
Next boat around the $ 75 figure
Not sure of mfg or year
I do know I want the following ,
Access too all areas of engine room , generator , plumbing , fuel
& fresh water , plus waste tanks ,
Single diesel
nice appointments in cabin.
Broker has a number of early nighties trawlers
Silverton , Mainship , Carver , Sea Ray , all dock queens, never used
Twin big block gas engines.
He has one GB co brokered at another marina ,
GB is a top shelf trawler ??

I am not ruling out Mainship , can they be economical on fuel burn ?

Any info is greatly appreciated


Donna 10-09-2019 10:39 AM

I’m confused. In your post of wants you say you want a single engine diesel then further down you say you want double block gas engines. Please clarify.

ronlord 10-09-2019 12:32 PM


Originally Posted by JOY-SEA (Post 809605)
I am not ruling out Mainship , can they be economical on fuel burn ?

Any info is greatly appreciated


Yes, the original Mainship 34's 1978-1987 are very good on fuel as well as the 350/390 models 1997-2004. The latter probably outside your price range, the original 34 well within it. Expect close to 3mpg with either version.

Comodave 10-09-2019 12:41 PM

You say you are in your 70s, we are in our mid 60s. So for us we had several must haves when we bought our current boat. One, no vertical ladders, we have a dog that is 85 pounds and he boats with us also my wife has had 5 shoulder surgeries so no ladders. Two, no fixed seating in the salon, we both have had back issues so sitting on built in furniture for hours while watching a movie or reading is not in the plan for us. We like recliners. We ended up with a sundeck trawler, so to speak. It has a 3 step ladder to the flybridge that I modified so our dog can easily go up or down. Other than that there are steps not ladders. Sea Rays and Carvers are not trawlers even when they have diesel engines. You can run them at slow speeds and get reasonable ecomony but they arenít trawlers. Not that that really matters if the boat meets your needs. Good luck in your search, enjoy.

JOY-SEA 10-09-2019 04:08 PM

Presently have twin 6 cylinder volvo penta gas engines
Not too confuse U I was referring too some of the boats that the broker
is selling , they all have twin big block gas engines .

I do spend multiple days of every week aboard present boat
I was thinking trawler , has room , economics on fuel burn, able
too get too most areas , ability too do few weeks at a time cruising.
Those of you that have larger vessels , do you use them solo , pull
them out just to get out on the water .

FF 10-10-2019 06:10 AM

Which boat is best for you would be one that is outfitted for your cruising desirements.

If you are a marina at night person the air cond,ice maker and TV and other house like features are of interest.

If you prefer the privacy of anchoring out , how the natural ventilation, refrigeration and anchor and recovery setup would be more important .

A dink is a PIA in marina traveling , but a very useful on the hook.

"Make a list, check it twice"....

Bacchus 10-10-2019 06:53 AM

"Make a list... Check it twice"
I'd add.... Have your wife make a list... and check it at least twice!
Then compromise to get to one list that satisfies (mostly just do it her way!)
Be sure to define how you each want / expect to use the boat
Also very helpful to separate Musts, Wants and Don't Wants when you both are making lists.
Only you and she will know the right answer to which boat.
Others can suggest but you will know it when you see it... it may take lots of looking but make that fun not a job.
Talk to lots of owners, look at lots of boats but don't forget to ask them how they use it. A good boat for fishing may have compromises for just cruising, short vs longer term cruises, etc, etc.
Not many folks w "trawlers" switch to sport cruisers... many more going the other way. Trade not likely IMO especially if you want the best fit for your needs.
Good luck with the search.

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