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PMF1984 11-22-2018 11:48 AM

Raymarine C70 system upgrade
For those who have a legacy system like mine.

Raymarine C70 has software V 3.18 and 2006 maps on a 512mb Navionics CF card.

I wanted to upgrade to new Navionics Charts. I bought a new 2GB Navionics card and down loaded the charts. When card is inserted in the MFD, the unit keeps cycling and cycling but will not boot up.

Tried to update the software using the directions on the Raymarine site. Purchased a Sandisk 128mb card to do this as per the Raymarine instructions. This did not result in a software upgrade as the MFD did not recognize the card.

Copy to backup on laptop then delete files on the 512mb Navionics CF card.
Place software update files on the 512mb Navionics CF card.
Insert card to MFD and power up device.
Follow prompts.
MFD will now accept the 2GB Navionics card.

If you were sharp enough to also save your tracks, routes and waypoints to the 512mb card before you saved the contents to the laptop, you can now load those back into the MFD.

btw, I asked Navionics how to make this work before I did the research on the web, and they did not come up with a solution.


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