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clipande 10-08-2018 01:33 PM

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Hi, can anyone identyfi what wood it is in the pictures?
CHC 48f -79Attachment 81652Attachment 81653Attachment 81654Attachment 81655Attachment 81656Attachment 81657

ksanders 10-08-2018 01:40 PM

Could be quarter sawn teak, but it looks more like mahogany to me.

It’s funny though...

If you look closely at the photo with the two pieces, the one on the right looks like flat sawn, and the one on the left looks to be quarter sawn.

Nomad Willy 10-08-2018 02:13 PM

My vote is for African Mahogany.
Very good wood.

Pack Mule 10-08-2018 03:07 PM

It's in the mahogany family for sure .

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