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Eddie P 09-30-2018 11:12 AM

SF Bay Area Trawler or Cruiser
I have been looking for a few months and have seen several good candidates. I've had a few issues with brokers being flaky though and have wasted some time and missed at least one boat I was very interesting in buying due to no call backs, cancelled appointment to view, etc.

So how about I hear it directly from the owners?

Anyone here have a trawler or cruiser they are looking to sell in the San Francisco Bay area that meets the following general conditions?

1 - Not a project boat. Should be in excellent structural and mechanical condition. Normal wear and tear expected.
2 - I might actually be in the market for a cruiser more than a trawler. I seem to gravitate to something like a Bayliner 3388 if I'm looking at something other than a trawler
3 - 30-35 foot ideal
4 - Two sleeping areas preferred, but one is OK for the smaller sizes
5 - Functional Head and Shower mandatory
6 - Gas ok but Diesel preferred
7 - Price dependent on valuation of course but a good record of maintenance and operational use (owner TLC) is a plus because that projects a more "known quantity" to me when evaluating the condition of the boat, it's stamina and the quality of maintenance.

Thanks to all!

FlyWright 09-30-2018 01:37 PM

SoCal, not NorCal, but she's available. Getting her to the SF Bay should be the fun part.

Bacchus 09-30-2018 01:52 PM

Have you looked at the TF Classifieds.
I see a couple west coast possibilities depending on your budget and interests.

Adopo 10-09-2018 09:32 PM

If you like classics there is a great looking I think 1966 38 Chris Craft Commander and reasonably priced with birth at Emeryville. Look on craigslist. I love the originality of this boat.

Adopo 10-09-2018 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by FlyWright (Post 702810)
SoCal, not NorCal, but she's available. Getting her to the SF Bay should be the fun part.

Hey thanks for posting this. Headed to Santa Barbara then Long Beach to see a Scout, SD to see a Fairchild Scout and staying at the San Diego Marquis, pictured on the brokers website. Already see a few boats I'd like to inspect on their site!

helm 10-09-2018 09:52 PM

If you are looking for a boat on the Bay or Delta, or even SoCal try Marc Bay at Bay Yachts. He is by far the best broker I have met even though he was representing the seller when we bought our Lindell 36.

Eddie P 10-13-2018 03:45 PM

Thanks for the suggestion to speak with Marc. I spoke with Kenn at BY but have not viewed anything from BY. I will call Marc and have a chat. I’ve created a pre survey list of questions that, if the answers seem promising, will lead to a visit. I’ve called about many, considered fewer and seen a hand full so far. On the visits I am trying to get several more detailed questions answered with photos. Only then I can know it may be worth progressing onward. It's pretty easy to forget about a boat then list it... but it's harder to find a boat that is operated relatively regularly, cared for, with a little TLC put into it over the years.

JOY-SEA 10-19-2018 04:57 PM

I own a Regal Commodore beautiful boat. 30 Ft of luxury , Year 2004 .

Many factors too consider . Larger cruisers have Twin engines , expect too get a gallon per mile fuel burn .
Diesels will get better mileage but still will burn fuel . Diesel engines hardy
In my area Space Coast of Fl , a big boating community
Mechanics don't want too mess with gas engines . OB or diesel
Modern cruisers have two engines, generator, packed so tight into engine room almost impossible too preform simple engine work . In my case almost easier too remove an engine then too work on them in boat . ( insane )
IF your a person that does own work this is a concern
If you get a larger trailer boat you have too have a truck that can handle

If you plan on using seldom no big deal . In my case I am retired and use often .
I don't travel 25 miles too fishing grounds . I stay local off shore or in channel , Fuel burn is a concern .
Leaving at a marina . My marina offers what few offer , I am an in/out customer . They launch , offer courtesy slips so I can stay aboard few nights . When I go home they haul put into cradle in yard were I can clean, flush , cover . Twin IO get destroyed in salt water here in FL
This year I had too have engines rebuilt and purchased long blocks . Dealers offering crate only , I had too trailer 200 miles too a engine rebuilder too pull, replace , install
Nobody local would touch .
I am planning on listing boat selling possibly purchasing a trawler . Not sure

Lots of crap for sale . Good boats are in short supply especially in areas that suffered recent storms

jadewar 11-07-2018 11:30 AM

Vashon Pocket Trawler
You might want to look at my ad in Trawler Forum for my Vashon Pocket Trawler. A lot of sea-worthy boat that's very inexpensive to operate and maintain.

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