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rphdiego 07-20-2018 08:50 PM

GB42 Motoryacht wire from mast base to tv cabinet?
Hello I am a electronics technician in Friday Harbor WA working on a Grand Banks 42 Motoryacht #1419 I think its a 1999 model. I am installing a KVH TV3 and need to run the coax cable from the base of the mast into the tv cabinet in the salon located in the port aft area. I cannot get enough space down the port side wall so it looks like I need to go forward with the rest of the cables leading to the mast base. Does anybody know a better way to run this single RG6 coax cable or have any tips on getting the cable run to the TV cabinet? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Ryan in Friday Harbor.

Giggitoni 07-20-2018 11:03 PM

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This is a page from my 1986 GB42 owner’s manual. Hope it’s some help. Good luck.

Westiculo 07-21-2018 01:12 PM

The best way I've been able to do it is dropping in from the mast base behind the aft curtain board in the salon, then running the wire horizontally behind that board to the port side until you can drill aft into the companionway with the wire coming out behind one of the double doors for the aft cabin. My wire is run down that corner (it's exposed, but you don't see it unless the companionway double doors are closed, which is very rare for us), then I drill it back into the salon right above the aft head at the TV cabinet. Make sense? Not the best, but you really don't see the wire ever.

rphdiego 07-21-2018 10:57 PM

Thank you for the quick reply and image. It gives me some ideas.

rphdiego 07-21-2018 10:59 PM

Great idea! I have the wire exiting up in the space over the port aft window curtain track now. Thought I could use the factory speaker wires to pull the single coax cable down the wall but too tight! Thanks for the information.

wkearney99 07-22-2018 07:41 AM

One tip. If you see a panel that has screws it generally means there's something accessible behind it. Often as a transition point where wires or tubing make a transition from one direction to another. Mind that some panels overlap others, so it might be a matter of taking out two other panels to free the one you need. Which may necessitate moving/loosening other things (like side curtain tracks, etc).

Bright flashlights are hugely helpful too. Shine one into one end and look for where you can see the light from the other ends.

Lastly, the factory has been quite helpful lately when I've asked about questions like this.

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