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bryanauer 02-19-2018 02:00 PM

1979 Californian 30'
Does anyone have any information about the 1979 Californian 30' trawler? There is one for sale locally and I've been trying to find out info about the boat such as performance, reliability, build quality etc. This boat has a 185hp Perkins turbodiesel. Thanks!

FlyWright 02-19-2018 04:27 PM

I own a 34 Californian and have only seen 30s here on TF. There are some threads on the 30 in the Californian section. It looks like a very livable 30 footer for a week or so. The Californians are known to be heavy and very stout ...even overbuilt, but with just average joinery.

If I ever needed to downsize, I'd have to take a serious look at the 30 LRC.

That Perkins has a great reputation. I have the 4.236, the 4-cyl natural version of the 6.354. I love my Perkins engine.

ERJpilot 02-20-2018 10:25 AM

I own and live on a 1978 Californian 30ft with the 6cyl Perkins. There werenít very many built so not a lot of info out there. Mine doesnít have the turbo, it does have a flybridge, isnít fast at all but it is efficient...

Batz 08-06-2018 03:51 AM

HI. I also have a californian 30. She is number 23 and was built in 1981. I also have the original Marshall instruction and operation booklet for this vessel. It is Perkins 6.354 powered. Not fast. 9.5kn at 2400rpm but we are are happy at 7.5kt at 1800rpm. Very economical at that speed. Great little live a board.
She is based in New Zealand at Havelock, a port in the Marlbourgh Sounds .
Vessel name is Meander and my member name is Batz. [first time post]

OCGeoff 11-26-2018 05:05 PM

The Californian 30s appear to be designed with both comfort and economy in mind. I'm looking at one now. It's a bit of a fixer-upper so I'm curious about what to look for in terms of common problem areas. I think the repairs and upgrades are going to be mostly cosmetic and electronic, but there is always the possibility of more significant issues. For ERJpilot and Batz, what would you say are the important things to consider in assessing the condition of the C-30? I've read about how great they are for family cruising, but what challenges and problems have you had with your boats that may help me be a more prudent buyer? THANKS!

FlyWright 11-26-2018 05:17 PM

Welcome to both of you guys, Batz and OCGeoff. Good to have you aboard. Not many Californians in NZ, I bet!!

The small Californians are very stout boats. I've never laid eyes on a 30 LRC but the 34 and 38 LRCs are easily accessed for all systems with good bones. My only preference would have been less exterior wood which was accomplished in later models by Wellcraft and Carver. Decks are typically strong and well built. No teak decks that I know of in the Californian line. Fuel tanks have typical issues especially if you don't have a dripless shaft log.

I kinda like the idea of a single LRC. I think it was only done in the 30.

Batz 11-27-2018 01:22 AM

Thank you FlyWright for your welcome. You are correct in assuming there would not be many Californians down here. I only know of ours plus a 38 in the North Island of NZ.
OCGeoff. Hi to you also.
The only two areas have had a problem with are the aft side windows below the window which had gone rotten. This necessitated removing the rotten plywood and re gluing to the f/glass new ply. Not too difficult a job. The second area to look at is the fuel tanks. They are steel and will rust. I have a small weep on the port tank but fortunately it is above the 3/4 full mark so at the moment I can control it. Still looking at the best way way to extract the tanks. Will possibly cut out the cockpit sole, replace the tanks and re glass the sole back in. It will be a big job. Otherwise she is great.
The only other items are purely old age replacements such as starter motor, engine cooling fresh water pump and the wet manifold. I also fitted a dripless seal on the shaft. Not much room but it can be done.
The Southern Ocean can be an experience but This small ship has proved very seaworthy but does require a bit of attention when hitting 14 knots down a wave of 4 meters. My wife and I spend a lot of time out in the Sounds and Cook Strait area fishing and cruising around, usually for 5 to 10 days at a time. Hope this helps in your decision making. regards, Batz

OCGeoff 11-28-2018 10:21 PM

Batz, thank you for your great feed back! Sounds like you and your wife really enjoy your C30. The owner of the boat I saw said the fuel tanks were aluminum, so I'll have to look more carefully when I have the survey done.

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