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tbtapper 09-12-2017 09:24 AM

Irma and Hilton Head
Irma has finally moved away from the Ga/SC coast. My CT35 sundeck lives at Skull Creek marina directly on the ICW less than a quarter mile from Port Royal sound.
Matthew really thrashed the marina and HH as well. There was lots of concern that Irma would be far worse and in fact early tracks showed Irma heading right for a landfall in Savannah/HH. Clearly it turned out different but the result was that we were in the dangerous quadrant and had huge surge but winds were "only" in the 60kt range accompanied by torrential rain for hours
Point is we survived and hope many others did as well.
Can't get on the island yet but hope to later tonight. I gorilla taped every seam and possible water entry crack and triple lined everything so all told a positive outcome. Would prefer to NEVER have to prep for this again but I know that's unlikely.

1987 CT35 Sundeck

Pgitug 09-13-2017 09:17 PM

Glad everything turned out.
The funny thing about Irma is that the storm went up the west coast of Florida but it was so large that the east coast got most of the damaging winds and surf.

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