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Alaskan Sea-Duction 08-22-2017 04:28 PM

KUDOS for great Service in Ketchikan Alaska
Frontier Shipping and Copy Work. If you need to receive a package have it sent here. Follow your tracking and when it arrives its a short walk down to the mall to pickup your package. There is a $1 handling fee. Both Pairadice and ASD have had rather large parts delivered and there were never any issues. Much more reliable than the USPS.:thumb::thumb:

Frontier Shipping and Copy Works
2417 Tongass Ave
Ketchikan, AK 99901
(907) 247-2705

I have no connection with this company. Just wanted to report great service.

twistedtree 08-22-2017 09:02 PM

Congrats on getting everything working again!!

GFC 08-23-2017 06:58 PM

Tom, it's always nice for a company that is worth a danm to get a little public recognition. Atta boys are great!

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