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larrylwill 04-19-2011 12:02 AM

Teak Plywood De laminating?
I have a question about what I think is teak plywood delaminating. This is a small trawler. Its on both sides of the boat and I do not think there is a leaking deck. Also it does not look like its under a window.

I have seen other boats (same make) that have carpet instead of the plywood and still others with what looks like somekind of wallpaper or fabric.

Question: What would cause the teak to delaminate?

What is the best way to repair?

If removing the plywood is a major job, Im thinking slicing the blisters and gluing/screwing 1/4 plywood over it and contact cementing carpet or fabric.

Too much dark wood anyway. A light carpet / fabric would lighten up the interior.


FF 04-19-2011 04:16 AM

RE: Teak Plywood De laminating?
"What would cause the teak to delaminate" ,

Water or constant moisture,a leak .

Formica or similar would be easier to keep dry than a rug.

Relaminating is not a hard skill, and requires little in specialized tools.

JohnP 04-19-2011 07:06 AM

Teak Plywood De laminating?
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Larry,* Somewhere along the line water leaking in has caused this issue.* If the area is not leaking now you are lucky someone has fixed the leak.* Another possibility is over the years the boat has been left uncovered over the Winter and ice and snow had built up on the decks.* I don't think I am being clear so lets say the snow was higher then the window bottoms and froze, followed by rain.

See image--If rain fell on this frozen snow-I would have had a mess.


*It would be hard for any boat to be water tight in this case.* So a boat that was dry all Summer could develop water damage over the Winter.

Covering, Inside storage, or removing snow can prevent this.

Removing and replacing the panels is a big job, that could become overwhelming.

If the looks of it are preventing you from enjoying the boat, then covering it is probably the way to go.

The easy way would be some kind of carpet glued and stapled like the lining on a modern cabin cruiser.

If the boat is still leaking and the covering fails you know you have some tough work ahead,* otherwise it is out of sight out of mind.

Good Luck.** JohnP

-- Edited by JohnP on Tuesday 19th of April 2011 09:08:27 AM

Tomas 04-19-2011 08:44 AM

RE: Teak Plywood De laminating?
Delaminated veneer can sometimes be "re-glued" by applying heat. Cover the area with a towel and use a clothing iron to heat and press the veneer back in place.

larrylwill 04-19-2011 09:45 AM

RE: Teak Plywood De laminating?
The boat is in dry dock on the hard for some time in the north Esat. I havent physically seen it yet thats why Im trying to find out t he possibilities.Its 1200 miles from here. I have relaminated before but I would rather have something different. Too much wood for my taste. I like log cabins but not all interiar wood also.

It has some other problems, like the engine wont go into reverse but also the top piliot house shifters dont work either, acording to the broker it was motored in but I havent been able to talk to the owner only the brokerand you know how that is.

Could be as simple as the limkage or as bad as the transmission.

JohnP 04-19-2011 01:50 PM

RE: Teak Plywood De laminating?
Before you make a 1200 mile trip, I think if you told us where it is someone could make a quick inspection for you and take pics.

I know this sounds like we are trying to steal your deal but most of us have boats and would be happy to take a look for you.


larrylwill 04-19-2011 03:32 PM

RE: Teak Plywood De laminating?
No, I have a brother in law that has a crusing boat that lives near where the boat is and He is going to go and take a look, right now Im just in the looking stage. I think what I really would lke to have is a Albin Delux 25ft. However to find one in my price range is difficult. I found one in Alaska but a little too far away.

thank you

FF 04-20-2011 03:48 AM

RE: Teak Plywood De laminating?
"I think what I really would lke to have is a Albin Delux 25ft. "{

I saw one on Yachtworld with the SAAB removed and a lawn tractor Kubota installed was $20K in Jax FL area.

Don't know if they were smart enough to keep the CPP.

JohnP 04-20-2011 04:07 PM

RE: Teak Plywood De laminating?

larrylwill wrote:
No, I have a brother in law that has a crusing boat that lives near where the boat is and He is going to go and take a look.

thank you.

Good, 1200 miles is a long way to go to look at a boat.* It is really hard to fix one up that far from home.* Glad you have family in the area.



larrylwill 04-20-2011 05:04 PM

RE: Teak Plywood De laminating?
Lawn tractor Kabota? I wonder what that cost to swap out. I dontthink its still avalible abymore, but I think I would be happy with the Albin 25 delux.

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