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Woodsong 03-17-2011 07:24 AM

Tennessee River cruise & nighttime lock through
Pics from yesterday on the blog- too much work to img them all here but some:

Time to go make breakfast and coffee before our last leg (52 miles) up to our home marina! *Gorgeous sunrise today!!!

Moonstruck 03-17-2011 10:09 PM

RE: Tennessee River cruise & nighttime lock through
Tony, where are you.* I know you have been fighting a ripping current coming up the River.* I thought we would have heard from you by now.* Let us know you are OK before I put the Boxton Whaler in the water to look for you.

Woodsong 03-18-2011 07:24 PM

RE: Tennessee River cruise & nighttime lock through
Don, Boxton Whaler? Is that a wal-mart knock off of the esteemed Boston Whaler? haha

We made it up to Island Cove last night. Super great time! FYI for other TN River folks- Chickamauga lock is messed up, at least it was yesterday when we went through! Some more pics for those that like them.....

YES...that IS a traffic safety cone being used as the outboard engine cowling!! GO VOLS!! :)

We only saw one other recreational cruising boat on the river the entire time. BillyIII- I could not help but think of you when we saw her- I think you know why! :)

Rains last week resulted in HUGE currents and flooded the downtown Chattanooga waterfront. Currents were very strong as well- made for slow traveling up stream!

Approach to Chickamauga Lock:

And home in her slip at Island Cove:

It was a great run- 250 miles round trip. The first day up from Guntersville we did 75 miles- longest single day the boat has surely done in 15 years. I could not be more pleased with the trawler. She ran absolutely great the entire time. In fact, I am still on the original racor fuel filter that was in there when I bought her! Amazing, given how long she sat!! I could not be happier with her performance and handling. Locking through is extremely, extremely easy. Learning to have just a single screw has been easy and the handling surprisingly great.
I still have some small projects to do....the inverter, some exterior trim I need to do, a few other things, etc. but she is basically ready to go for summer and has proven herself to be reliable, sturdy, easy to handle, and just a joy to be on and own!
Let's go trawlering!!! :)

Moonstruck 03-18-2011 07:40 PM

RE: Tennessee River cruise & nighttime lock through
Tony, I was so distraught from not hearing from you, that I misspelled Boston Whaler.* Glad you are back safely.* Now, I can rest.

When my late wife and I would do river*cruises on our Trawler, i would usually get us away from the dock and well underway on the river.* She would take over while I showered.* Then she would either go down to shower are fix breakfast.* If the weather was nice we would eat on the fly bridge.* By leaving at the crack of dawn, our friends on the fast boats would not catch us until middle or late afternoon.* The we would pull in for the cocktail hour.* Very comfortable.* We would freshen up on the way, and be ready for the evening.* A great way to cruise.

BTW, did you catch a look at the engine cover on the Tennessee Orange house boat.* Now, tell me UT grads are not brilliant!

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