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Mark Savalla 10-18-2016 09:33 PM

Paramount bait bag
Hi, searched for 2 weeks looking for one of these. Didn't know what it was called but I knew what it looked like from yrs on the water. I just switched fm sail to trawler since both knees replaced. Anyway, the stern had the mounting hooks etc and there was a bait pump in the aft that fed a hose in the stern so I figured it out. Anyway, bought this thing on ebay and there are no directions. Got it mounted fine. One question for some salt out there, there is a garden hose type gadget that I assume must be installed in the bag. It has a washer and nut connected to a male hose coupling. I'm not sure if it goes in the bottom of the bag or near the top or where. I'm assuming I just make a cut in the bag insert this thing and tighten the washer and nut. Any help would be appreciated.

RT Firefly 10-19-2016 06:55 PM

Mr. MS. Never heard of one but a quick search turned up this: bait bags - Saltwater Fishing Discussion Board Including Inshore Fishing, Offshore Fishing, Saltwater Fly Fishing and Kayak Fishing

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