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Dougcole 10-18-2016 10:15 AM

Pulling intercooler Yanmar 4LHA
Anybody ever pulled the intercooler on a Yanmar 4LHA? Mine are due for service and my local Yanmar dealer recommended I save a bunch of money by pulling them myself and bringing them in to him to service. I looked at the coolers and it appears to be a pretty easy job, just a couple of hoses and about a dozen mounting bolts, well within my middle of the road skill set. Is there something I am missing? Anything I should be aware of before I dig in? Tips?

How much do you think the service part will set me back? He said they would disassemble, clean the core, clean any corrosion from the housing and replace all seals.

djmarchand 10-18-2016 11:57 AM

Seems like I remember that Seaboard Marine in Oxnard, Ca charges $600 to do a Cummins after cooler.

Go to and look under Tony's tips for articles on after cooler servicing. He strongly recommends re-assembling with heavy water proof grease to retard future corrosion. Look at the Cummins article first as it has more written info and then the Yanmar 6LY picture essay. The 4LH after cooler is similar.

You can probably DIY as good or better than the shop if you follow his instructions. The main problem will be getting the old core out. Sometimes it takes days of soaking with WD40 and a little pounding with a mallet and wooden plug to get it out.

But if you have the shop do it, make sure they use LOTS of grease. It will come apart a lot easier the next time.


sunchaser 10-18-2016 12:10 PM

You may want to send your coolers to Oxnard for cleaning and pressure checking afterwards. It may well be quicker than your local shop. Maybe do a price and know how check.

Tony Athens 10-18-2016 10:40 PM

Cummins B or C series Aftercooler Service
Hey guys,

I just happened to see this..............Don't really like to sell what we do on forums like these, but we have alway had a base price for a complete service per our "protocol" for a "B" or "C" series aftercooler of $350.00 plus return S&H.. If there are issues that do not allow a typical service, we take real good pics , send them to you and work it out to where its works for all............................................... .Our plan from the very beginning was to provide service & support for the Cummins mid-range marine engines that you cannot get any place else at any price............Hope we have not disappointed anyone since 1985 when it all started when I became formally involved as a Cummins Marine dealer....


Cummins Marine Diesel Repower Specialists

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