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Nomad Willy 10-12-2016 10:41 PM

New Thread New Boat
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Finally I no longer need to envy Mark and Marty w their Trinka's.
I just bought a 12' Gig Harbor Point Defiance sail/row/power boat.
One owner boat that's been a skiff/dinghy on comercial craft in Bristol Bay Alaska. Due to poor health the original owner dosn't think he'll need it again so I bought it.

Re the pics the stuff on the bow is made of rope/line as a serious fender. I ran it to the boat launch w my newly purchased 4hp Johnson light twin. The engine ran beautifully w some carb jet adjusting. 32-34lbs but no reverse gear or nutral.

The boat is rather tender innitially but stiffens up nicely like most good boats meant for sail. She's a very nice riding boat. Readily steerable by listing/leaning the boat so I was able to move fwd underway to achive good trim. She went much faster that way w greater stability in both pitch and roll.

Can you tell I really like this boat? She's way too big and heavy to use as a dinghy so she's destined to be a trailer boat. Could tow her but that would put her at risk and I doubt if I could do that. These boats are very well made by Gig Harbor Boatworks as a row boat for about $4000.

The pics are from my i-pad so are not so good and I can't figure out how to crop them. Sorry. But I'm very pleased w the boat.

HopCar 10-12-2016 10:55 PM

Nice! I love the bow fender. Did you get a sailing rig with it?

Nomad Willy 10-13-2016 12:02 AM

Hi Hop,
No sails. Original owner bought it as a Row/power boat. That's my interest too. Not sure what I'm going to do w the tug boat bow fender. Just take it off and clean it up. Don't think I'll change the boat much at all. I quite likely will use my 6hp Johnson in the future mostly because of the FNR gears and remote controls. I also need to cut down the transom about 2" to get the prop lower in the water.

MurrayM 10-13-2016 12:18 AM


I've been admiring those via the Internet for years!

12′ Point Defiance | Gig Harbor Boat Works

Pilou 10-13-2016 08:51 AM

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Hi Eric,

Very pretty small classic boat, congrats! a dream tender, I'm just envious :)

I cropped the pic.


Pack Mule 10-13-2016 09:54 AM

Nice boat Eric and a 12 footer .I bet that is a good ride . I have mine at home now to do some work on it over the winter . I tore off the padded rail and probably going to add some more teak to the rail cap. If you get a chance get a close up pic of the rail cap . I'm looking for ideas. That's a real courting machine you have there and a true yachtsman's tender.

Nomad Willy 10-13-2016 11:26 AM

I did most of my drooling at the boat shows. Known about them for decades. There's no flat spot on her hull. And I love the way the stern curls or curves up to the transom. Actually the whole hull may make a good trawler hull. There would probably be scaling issues though. The 12 footer moves like a much larger boat.

Thank you twice. Hardly ever use my i-pad for pics. Just what we had at the time and I guess I'll need to look in the book re cropping on the pad.

Indeed a very nice ride. Even better than I expected.
My little lady is at home now too. In the big trailer in one of the carports. I don't even know what wood the cap rails are made of. I found some silicone caulk on top of the transom .. bummer. Yes I'll shoot the cap rail w a real camera soon. It's a fairly big laminate of several pices that alternate the overlap at the bow. It's the end of our good weather streak though.. Pouring down rain today and rain and wind is for the next 10 days. It's just a forcast though.

Pilou 10-13-2016 02:27 PM

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Originally Posted by Nomad Willy (Post 488337)
Thank you twice. Hardly ever use my i-pad for pics. Just what we had at the time and I guess I'll need to look in the book re cropping on the pad.


Look at attached pics which show you how to crop a photo on iPad.

First, go to Camera Roll
Click & open the photo to crop / edit
Follow the red arrows on attached pics.

Nomad Willy 10-13-2016 02:55 PM

Cropped pics
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Maybe this will render a better image of our launch.

Oh oh .. Looks like one at a time.

Notice how nice the water flows out from under the stern in this pic and the next. This pic even w the CG aft.

Nomad Willy 10-13-2016 02:59 PM

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One per post it seems ...

Here I'm taking advantage of better (probably ideal) trim and going very noticablly faster. It was fun to steer the boat by pushing one rail down causing the water to follow the curve of the hull forcing the boat to turn the other way. A common kayak turning method to increase the turn rate.

Nomad Willy 10-13-2016 03:01 PM

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Another ..

Nomad Willy 10-13-2016 03:05 PM

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OK that's about all I can do w these i-pad pics. But it's a better look at the boat .. thanks to Pilou. Don't go away Pilou.

Pilou 10-13-2016 03:06 PM

Very nice pics underway. :thumb::thumb:
I'm twice jealous :)

Ted 10-13-2016 03:27 PM

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Hi Eric,
That looks a lot like the one I got to replace my 9' dinghy.
It's not the same builder but it is 12' and a few inches.
Got a 2.5 hp Yamaha for it. Haven't tried the engine yet,
but it rows like a dream with 8' oars.


Nomad Willy 10-13-2016 10:26 PM

Hi Ted,
Looks like a good and sizable row boat. I think your's has more capacity to carry people and bulky items. Looks really stable too. Have you modified the transom for an OB? Sounds like you already have. I see posibilities for carring 7 people. Will the boat support 1200 to 1500lbs? Most likely. I have a canoe rated for 1500lbs. If you were closer I'd rev up my 2hp Yamadog and race ya. Not w 7 people aboard though.

Got another Claw anchor w the boat. haha .. a size I don't have (11lbs).

BruceK 10-14-2016 02:11 AM

That`s a pretty boat Eric, nice sheer, maybe an old traditional "ship`s pinnace" design. And a good stable boat for harassing fish? Does it row well?

sunchaser 10-14-2016 06:49 AM

Looks very nice Eric. Flotation foam? Any chance to find an outboard that fits the boat rather than alter the stern?

But Eric, the obvious question is what anchor? I've got a 4 pound or so Danforth I'll donate.

ranger42c 10-14-2016 07:56 AM


Originally Posted by Nomad Willy (Post 488242)
I ran it to the boat launch w my newly purchased 4hp Johnson light twin. The engine ran beautifully w some carb jet adjusting. 32-34lbs but no reverse gear or nutral.

I had one of those. Yours may suit you better than ours worked for me; good luck with it.

I found it to be a pain in the a$$ to start, serious pain in the a$$ with ethanol issues, slight pain in the a$$ not having neutral or reverse.

Otherwise, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy...


Nomad Willy 10-14-2016 11:18 AM

The Light Twin needs to have the two jet needles adjusted correctly along w other things like float bowl height. I just got mine back from the shop and needed jet adjustment. Hard to adjust carbs w engine in the test tank. One you get the low speed jet right you're almost there. Once the jets are right it runs perfectly so slowly that starting it in gear is easy and so little thrust there's plenty of time to steer or/and turn the thing around and back up.
Also now I only use alcohol free gas for all my small engines along w "Stabill" fuel stabilizer and if it gets close to a year old I put that fuel in our 1972 Chevy truck. Used that one to get the boat home BTW.

The flotation is hollow FG laminated chambers under the seats. I don't think there is foam inside the chambers. My yellow dinghy is the same and I have an issue w one of the seat/chambers leaking. Very small leak on top of the seat but over time outside a gallon or so of water will accumilate inside the chamber. I drilled two 1/8" dia drain holes but it's difficult to get the water out.
Can't understand why the OB height seems not right. There is a wood pad on the outboard side of the transom so OB power was obviously intended. I see no choice but to cut the transom down. With a FD stern once way is achieved there will be plenty of water for the prop but when it gets a bit rough the prop could easily come out of the water. The prop needs to be lowered IMO. incidentally I needed to take the bow ballast out of the boat to be able to run the engine w the exhaust noise submerged. I may talk to Gig Harbor Boats about this. But I'd rather have the prop a bit too deep than a bit too shallow. Rather have it right. And not come out of the water on waves. There are few FD boats OB powered. With a deeply submerged transom of a planing hull and most SD boats the prop and cooling water intake is naturally well submerged but if you mount the OB traditionally (that is w the cavitation plate 1" below the bottom of the hull at the transom) on a FD boat the cavitation plate will be at the surface. Not good. Needs to be lower ....IMO.
You have a habit of asking the most challenging questions ... haha not a problem as long as I can answer them. Even if not I'll just take the easy way out and bail.
A 4lb Dan eh? When ya gonna deliver? Hopefully a real Dan w forged shank and possibly forged flukes. I'm fussy about anchors. But I could keep the 11lb Claw for my 18' OB and have a real lightweight for the Gig Hbr. Splendid!

I read that they row very well and have all the features of having that capability but I didn't try rowing as the lady representing the owner said the oars didn't fit the boat. Being a little heavier than most it should have good glide (inertia between strokes). Most light rowboats (especially short ones) tend to loose too much speed between strokes. So much so that longer heavier boats can row much faster) especially when water is a bit rough. I like to row and perhaps my nice oars from my old yellow dinghy may be better suited to the Gig and if not I'll just get new ones. I do like to row. With an auxillary rowboat one can power to a magic place to row and then enjoy.
A nice sheer? Indeed I agree. Thanks. Fisherman? Don't often do that. Sure love to eat fish though. Miss living in Alaska re that.

Ted 10-14-2016 12:37 PM

Hi Eric,
No mods to the transom, just got a long shaft ob It puts the prop
behind the keel. Engine has neutral, but "rotates" for reverse.
Don't know what it'll carry, just figured one per seat wold be
enough for us.
The name "Riviera" is moulded into the shear "strake"
Transom looks to be a little wider than yours.


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