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HopCar 10-09-2016 02:36 PM

Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff
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My friend Snapper and I have been building a 16 foot strip planked boat called a Lobster Skiff.
We turned it upright today and got a look at the inside for the first time today.
I thought you guys might like to see it. Snapper is the skilled woodworker. I'm really good at pushing sand paper and mixing epoxy. This picture is Snapper in the boat for the first time. (Damn it, how do you turn pictures right side up?)
Here is a link to pictures of the whole build.

Pack Mule 10-09-2016 02:55 PM

That's some nice work . Goodlooking hull . Hat's off to you two .
On rotating pics I have to rotate mine 90 degree first and save it , then rotate it the way I want it and save it again and then post it . It's crazy but it works .

HopCar 10-09-2016 03:28 PM

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Marty, that's just nuts, but it worked. Thanks.

dwhatty 10-09-2016 04:50 PM

Ah, Jericho Bay, Maine. The home of a million lobster buoys. Nice looking boat.

Padeen 10-10-2016 01:25 AM

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Fantastic project!

Sailor of Fortune 10-10-2016 03:20 AM

Very nice build

mac_the_fisherman 12-06-2016 10:27 AM

Great build!
Truly a great build. I purchased the plans and am looking to build one sometime next year maybe. So your pictures are a huge help. I also live here in Miami and didn't think anyone here would be into building wooden boats given that almost everything here is fiberglass. If it would be alright, I would love to help with the build whenever possible or at least visit. I am sure an extra hand to help with sanding and such would be nice. I'll continue to follow the build so please keep posting pictures. Thanks a million.

HopCar 12-06-2016 10:52 AM

Mac, welcome to the Trawler Forum. We work on the boat almost every Sunday. It's in a warehouse down in Homestead. If you'd like to see it, give me a call at my store in the afternoon. My website is below.

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