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Willow-B 06-18-2016 05:52 AM

UMR Questions...
I am once again onboard Willow-B in an effort to ferry her home. I have stopped @ Grafton Harbor (Illinois River just short of the Mississippi). I have a 220 mile run down the Miss to get to the Ohio. The report I have seen shows the Miss levels in St Louis @ 17.9 which is not too bad for this 6-knot boat.

My concern is further south towards Cairo the river is picking up speed. I was told this is due to the low conditions of the Ohio. I am having a difficult time getting an actual rate of the current. I contacted the Coast Guard and was told that I should know my limitations. (Really?) I know my limitations, it is that my boat is a 6-knot boat and I don't wish to enter a 6-knot current.

All sources that I have exploited gives river levels, but not speed info.

Our original plan was to enter the Miss on Monday and run 100 miles to an anchorage on the Kaskaskia River and make the last 120 miles to the Ohio on Tuesday.

NOW Our tentative plan is to head thru St Louis on Sunday or Monday and stop at Hoppies Marina in Imperial, MO and lay up there.

Is there a source (other than Hoppies) that gives an indication as to the estimated current speed at XX level?

Any info is greatly appreciated...

Willow B
Standing by Grafton Harbor (aka Key West of the Midwest)

Willow-B 06-18-2016 08:11 AM

I just hailed the Captain of Jennie K (upbound tug). Stated we should not see currents over 4 knots, even though the river is rising a bit before it begins to fall... Stated there are plenty spots to get over and anchor up.

We are all good to go! Willow B will be headed for Lake Barkley, KY tomorrow or Monday...

Until Then,

Willow B, Standing by CH 13/16

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