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AndreHuizing 10-19-2015 02:39 AM

New Dutchie
Hi Forum,
Wanted to introduce myself to this forum of what must be a lot of potential friends. To start with I'm Dutch and live in the Netherlands. I guess most members are US-based. I'm married to Belinda and have two older children that are just "off the payroll". I come from a long boating background. My grandfather was a bargeman (under sail) and my father captain on coasters. Since 1961 when I was born we have had "something afloat". I'm a bit of a speedfreak. Into car racing and (very) fast cars. Also our boats have been fast, planing power boats...up to this year when we bought a Selene 53 (I like the main forum picture above :)). We have more time now and want to live on board for months while doing extensive cruising in Europe (we already did that with our last Giorgi/Pershing 46, but just for a few weeks). We did our first extended cruise this summer (England, France, Channel Islands) and are getting used to the fact that 100 nm takes you all day :) We are now prepping the boat for a 5 months cruise as of April to Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Happy to be on board! Andre

Liberty2015 10-19-2015 03:39 AM


Welcome aboard, you certainly have a nice vessel, I guy I know here in Aus has a new 66 Selene, and previous to that he had a 59 , both are great vessels and very capable indeed.:thumb::thumb:

Enjoy the slow , mostly soft cruise, make a coffee, do some reading, beats the hec out of being on a planning vessel in rough conditions, a bit like the Hare and Tortise, at least you know you will get there in style.

Cheers Chris D Liberty

O C Diver 10-19-2015 06:40 AM

Welcome to the forum Andre! Enjoy your new boat.


AndreHuizing 10-19-2015 06:49 AM

Thanks for the quick and warm welcome guys!
I have to admit that in our backyard (we live on the waterfront) next to the Selene there is a classic 1963 when the slow going is getting to me I just take that out for a blast...nothing beats the roar of a big old V8 :thumb:

Cheers, Andre

RT Firefly 10-19-2015 07:45 AM

Welcome aboard. "...prepping the boat for a 5 months cruise as of April..." Got a spare cabin?

AndreHuizing 10-19-2015 09:13 AM

That totally depends on your sex, age and looks Firefly :)
...oh crap, my wife is also reading this...:hide:

Cheers, Andre

Northern Spy 10-19-2015 09:35 AM


You're living the dream. Hope you check in and post up on your Scandinavian trip. I would love to cruise that part of the world in ten or so years. Spent a long summer as a kid getting tossed around relative to relative in Denmark, and would love to go back. In the meantime, I can live vicariously through trips like yours.

MurrayM 10-19-2015 09:43 AM

Hi from Canada's west coast, and welcome aboard :)

menzies 10-19-2015 09:51 AM

That reminds me. I had intended to start a thread asking who we all thought was the wealthiest member on here.

Guess its moot now! :D

RT Firefly 10-19-2015 10:36 AM

Mr. M. "...the wealthiest member...". Dollar-wise it doesn't really matter does it? Doesn't to me anyway. I think we're ALL rich in that we all have an affinity to that liquid medium that covers 70% of the planet.
Mr. AH. ", age and looks Firefly...". Nope, not going there.

Steve 10-19-2015 09:44 PM

Welcome! When I was working our company had an office in Lelystad, I visited there several times. Congratulations on the Selene!

AndreHuizing 10-20-2015 02:05 AM

Nice one RTF! The name of my previous boat is Warp11 very appropriate :)
Steve: I hope you did not get the impression Lelystad is a good example of the is considered a dump. I actually live quite close to Lelystad in Lemmer which is a quiant old fishing village on the coast of the former 'Zuiderzee".
Cheers, Andre

Dutchman45 10-20-2015 09:12 AM

Welcome to a very knowledgeable and friendly group, just don't mention anchors. You'll enjoy the comments. Ga maar lekker varen.

AndreHuizing 10-22-2015 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by Dutchman45 (Post 380952)
Welcome to a very knowledgeable and friendly group, just don't mention anchors. You'll enjoy the comments. Ga maar lekker varen.

Ah a fellow Dutchman! Always amazing that you cannot go anywhere without bumping into one :)


Crusty Chief 10-28-2015 08:22 PM


Welcome aboard, and to your new boat, congrats! Nice cruising area your headed for!

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