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Johnny pipes 09-28-2015 11:28 AM

Any personal experience with Lang yachts or Ted Lang
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Hoping for some info on Lang Yachts Thank You

Sailor of Fortune 09-28-2015 04:14 PM

I may be mistaken but I think that is a Phil Bolger (RIP) design.

Johnny pipes 09-28-2015 08:59 PM

From what I understand it is thanks for reply the marine gear is leaking from something on front either seal or something worse I haven't been able to go for a ride I'm curious how she performs

hfoster 09-29-2015 08:11 AM


Originally Posted by Johnny pipes (Post 374423)
Hoping for some info on Lang Yachts Thank You


I do know some about Lang yachts. I was looking at Lang yacht called Jireh I believe that was the name of the vessel.

It is a custom built 67' long range motor Lang yacht. It was built in 1991 had a 10' extension in 2001. There was another extensive refit in 2003-2005.The hull has a flared bow with a bulbous extension and a modified V underbelly with twin rolling chock chines to reduce roll. It also (I believe) had twin screws if I recall right, but I may be wrong on that. Brand I do forget it was a number of years ago when I looked at her.

It did seem to handle well as I recall, however it was not my cup of tea for a number of reasons but my taste and your taste are different so do not hold that against the vessel. Once I ruled the vessel out of my list, I really did not look into the full history of Lang yachts. Sorry about that.

I hope that is some help to you.

Happy cruising to you.


H. Foster

Nomad Willy 09-29-2015 10:23 AM

Never heard of Lang boats but the boat in the pic is very unusual. She has a very hollow forfoot and a very wide chine amidships and very slab sided topsides midships to aft. The slab side is not very attractive but other lines are very nice. The very wide chines should give her good initial stability depending on beam. Probably has soft chines. I'm having a little trouble relating to the Phil Bolger connection. There's both a John Atkin and Phil Bolger design that looks a bit like this but they lack the wide chine amidships.

Personally I think straight lines on a boat re the chines, topsides or gunwale/sheer is to be avoided .. both for appearence and function.

healhustler 09-29-2015 11:05 AM

A recent member that goes by the name of Autumn Dream showed-up in the thread about Great Harbour yachts a week or so ago. His Avatar sported a Lang Custom 32....beautiful looking vessel. That's the only ref to Lang I've noticed on the Forum. Was this you with another handle? Here's the link. Scroll down for his posts.

hfoster 09-29-2015 11:21 AM


I did find some of my old notes on the Lang motor yacht. The designer was Ted Lang and his son. Looking over the my notes, I did see where they started in Massachusetts then moved to N. Carolina. From there they closed shop. In my notes I did write.

"It's heavy like tank and handle only okay, but not as well as other vessel I was looking at!"

But as I said. your tastes will be different from mine.
That is about all that is worth saying from my notes..

Better of luck and happy cruising to you.


H. Foster

Johnny pipes 09-29-2015 10:09 PM

Thank you
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Thanks for all the replies I've had the boat for months and have been researching them since then I've found atleast a dozen ads on Google and other facts about them and a crazy thing happened with the research I actually found the original Ted Lang naval architect in virginia and he still has a business call Lang Yachts Since 1925 and I called the phone number Ted himself answered the phone and we talked for a couple hours I was absolutely amazed if you read everything I have he had a lot of patents and many boats under his belt

Johnny pipes 09-29-2015 10:12 PM

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The ads I found from the 60s for lang boat sales advertised up to 90 sport fish on hand and one of the first travel lifts before they built fiberglass lang yachts but what a sharp guy still at 84 years old and very nice also

hfoster 09-30-2015 10:25 AM


Originally Posted by Johnny pipes (Post 374946)
Thanks for all the replies I've had the boat for months and have been researching them since then I've found atleast a dozen ads on Google and other facts about them and a crazy thing happened with the research I actually found the original Ted Lang naval architect in virginia and he still has a business call Lang Yachts Since 1925 and I called the phone number Ted himself answered the phone and we talked for a couple hours I was absolutely amazed if you read everything I have he had a lot of patents and many boats under his belt

That is some great news Johnny and thanks for sharing the info.

I do hope you enjoy your Lang and have many great times aboard her.

I also must say Sorry about the typo in my last post. I meant to BEST not better. Brain and fingers not working together!:banghead:

Anyways. All the best to you and your.

Happy cruising


H. Foster

Autumn Dream 09-30-2015 05:09 PM

Hi Johnny
Here is what Information I have on our Lang 32 Autumn Dream. Here is a copy of a response I posted in my blog about Autumn Dream when I received a question from another Lang owner. As you probably know Autumn Dream is for sale but if she does not sell I will not be heart broken. We enjoy her, she is comfortable, day and safe. She handles reasonably well in a seaway. She rolls on a beam sea but rides nice punching into the waves. Only mechanical issue we have had is the damper plate on the transmission going south. The engine has been great!
Here is the info from my blog entry. Hope this helps.

Well this blog covers many things but it was initially created to talk about our trawler MV Autumn Dream – Today I received the following comment and questions from fellow Lang owner’s Brad and Holly. So I thought I would use this entry to answer some of their questions. Actually they are the only other Lang owners in the world – no just kidding – From what I know Lang mostly built sport fishing boat’s not pilothouse trawlers like Autumn Dream. I may have the only Lang 32 Pilothouse trawler in the world. So to start answering their questions here goes.

Q:I’m intrigued by your boat… had no idea Lang had made a trawler. A: Prior to finding Autumn Dream for sale on the yacht world website we did not even know there was a boat manufacturer named Lang. We were told our Lang 32 came out of a factory in Canada and may have been a one-off. I have not seen anything else like her in this size range.

Q: I’m curious if you could share how yours is powered and what sort of performance you’ve seen. We’ve got a two-stroke Detroit Diesel Series 71. A: Autumn Dream has a single engine Bedford Diesel that was maranized by Palmer Company of Cobb Cos CT. She is 165 BHP engine, normally aspirated. We have about 3500 hours on the engine. She was maintained in excellent condition. I only hope to continue to be as good a steward of her engine as the previous owner was! With this engine we typically run at about 6 knots (1800 rpm) and if we push her to say 2200 rpm we can get 8 knots out of her on a good day. Not very fast, but we’re along for the ride. At her comfortable cruising speed of 6 to 7 knots we burn an estimated 2 gallon/hr, but I have not actually measured her fuel consumption, but it is reasonable.

Q:Also, do you have more photos? I’m curious how the interior has been handled around the (rather pinched) bow section. A: Check out my old blog Kevin and Beth in Ashland there are some more photos here. The interior has the master stateroom forward and 4 steps down forward of the pilothouse. The master stateroom has an almost queen sized bed on the port side at the bottom of the ladder as you enter the forward space. Also on the starboard side opposite the bed is a “sofa” and a hanging locker. Forward of the master is the head. We have a door between the head and master. The head is in the forepeak of the boat but contains a vacuflush toilet (now see the blog about a crappy weekend) sink and a separate shower stall. Forward of the shower stall where the hull is very pinched in there is a locker and forward of that the anchor locker. The layout made very good use of the space. I’ll pace a few more photos of her in this blog and this weekend I’ll take some of the forward space and the main saloon. Autumn Dream also is equipped with two solar panels to let us run a fridge and not worry about killing our batteries. Hope this gives you a better insight to our Autumn Dream.

Let me know any other questions....

Johnny pipes 09-30-2015 07:08 PM

Thank you for the info I appreciate it
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I spoke to Ted again today and asked about your boat he said he only recalls building one pilot house trawler and it was in Canada so I'm guessing that's the one I would love to meet and talk to any lang owner and all if possible I couldn't find any pics of your boat on the link but then again I'm not to good with electronics and first time in a forum but if there are any other lang owners I'd love to see pics of them like I stated earlier not to good with forum yet but if email might be easier that would work for me any lang owner who would like to trade pics

Johnny pipes 09-30-2015 07:17 PM

Wow that's a cool boat how long have you had her I found the pics lol also are the other lang owners from taxachussetts like us and are they on this forum thank you

hfoster 10-01-2015 08:46 AM

67' Lang Yachts Custom pilothouse expedition thumbnails for larger image view.

Here is the Lang I looked at Johnny. If Mr. Lang said he only built one pilothouse trawler then this must be it. As you can see it was in Vancouver. That is where I looked at her. She has sold since then but she may still be around that area. Hope that helps.

Happy cruising to you.

H. Foster
Request More DetailsYear:1991Price:$110,000 CADHost Office:West VancouverLocation:RichmondHull Material:fibreglassEngine/Fuel Type: DieselListing #:4161Designer:LangColour:whiteLOA:67'Beam:17'Displaceme nt:110000Draft:6'Has Moorage:NoInfo:Sold

Johnny pipes 10-01-2015 11:43 AM

Oh crap I meant to say one trawler on the 330 hull that I believe is the Autumn Dream I'm gonna ask him about Jireh next time we talk

hfoster 10-01-2015 12:09 PM


Originally Posted by Johnny pipes (Post 375437)
Oh crap I meant to say one trawler on the 330 hull that I believe is the Autumn Dream I'm gonna ask him about Jireh next time we talk

No worries Johnny, we have made typos!:banghead::rofl:

Happy cruising to you.


H. Foster

healhustler 10-01-2015 01:16 PM

Nice spaces in that big Lang. Helm looks like serious sea-going intentions but wow...what a square least what you can see.

Johnny pipes 10-09-2015 12:20 PM

More Lang Yachts pics
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More pics of the lang hopefully they come through every time I upload multiple pics only one comes through if anybody is interested in mor lang pics I uploaded a bunch in my album she's gonna hopefuly be coming out of water soon dam New England lol

Lou_tribal 06-28-2016 09:02 PM

I am owner of a custom built trawler based on a Lang hull. It is a 30 feet aft cabin trawler with flybridge. I bought it recently and I am more than pleased with it. It ismpowered by a Acadia diesel engine, naturally aspirated. At 1800rpm it moves me at a bit more than 7 knots for an average of 1.5 gal/h, pretty good for my wallet and I like to take my time when cruising :)

Johnny pipes 06-29-2016 11:03 AM

Wow that's an awesome boat if you wanna talk Lang's give me a call 781-507-5710 I'd love to chat

Lou_tribal 06-29-2016 11:38 AM


Originally Posted by Johnny pipes (Post 456163)
Wow that's an awesome boat if you wanna talk Lang's give me a call 781-507-5710 I'd love to chat

Hi Johnny, I hope you won't mind me but I am a better writer in English than speaker as my native language is French so I would rather chat here :)

I am leaving up there in Quebec.

This boat is my first ever boat and I really love it.
As a single screw it may be a bit difficult to handle while docking when you are a newbie like me but like told me the previous owner... if you can dock this one you can dock everything! :)
I bought it end of May and after a bit more than one month of ownership I already have a list long like my arm of things I want to do on it to make it my own :D

Johnny pipes 06-29-2016 02:31 PM

There's not a ton of langs around but I've spoke directly to ted lang and he did build boats in Canada what year is she and how did she start off life was it just a hull bought from Lang?

Lou_tribal 06-29-2016 07:53 PM

She was born in 1994, built by a guy in Quebec city. That guy was a mechanic and he did a tremendous work at building this beauty, I am truly impressed about the amount of work he did. The hull was bought from lang and he built on top of it. From what I know he did everything by himself.
The engine in it is a fishing boat engine that he fully rebuilt when he fit it in the boat. The brand is Acadia, it was an engine manufacturer from Nova Scotia that was building fishing boat engine. The manufacturer is long gone now, I think they went out of business in the 70s.
They built their first engine in the 30s!
The engine is running like a swiss clock and is starting as soon as you touch the key. I am driving a Porsche and this motor is starting better than the one in my car, I am amazed.
It is a purely mechanic engine, no electronic whatsoever and naturally aspirated straight 6cyl. The power is evaluated at 100 horse power.
When I saw her I felt in love and nearly 2 month later I can just say that I have no regret.
It is not a brand new boat so for sure there are some thing to fix here and there but really nothin dramatic and most of things are purely cosmetic.
The previous owner ( the guyfrom who I bought it, the second owner) bought it in 97 from the builder and has change most of the furnitures by some he did himself in hard mahogany, him too did a really great job.
Now I am taking over from him and will fix the remaining things and will change few thing to make it mine.
She is my second love and better than evrything else, my wife love her too she is not jealous :D

Johnny pipes 06-30-2016 06:58 AM

Wow that's an awesome story I love boats and have been on them my whole life
Lang hulls are strong and cut through the water nice where was the hull built do you know where he purchased it from

Lou_tribal 06-30-2016 08:16 PM

No unfortunately that is all I know about this boat. I tried to find the guy that built it without success. I also tried to find more info about the engine withut more success.
I love boats that have an history, for me it is kinda like a piece of mankind we should preserve. Even if it sounds a bit stupid, for me something that needed hundreds or thousands of work for someone to be built is an history tresure and should be preserved just to honor the effort that was put in it.

lobsterman 06-30-2016 10:24 PM

Hi all, i am new to this forum, and i have just recently bought a 1973 Lang hull, but it is listed on the title as a Passamaquaddy hull. have you ever heard of that brand being used on a lang hull ?.

lobsterman 06-30-2016 11:10 PM

Passanaquaddy / Lang hull
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I will try to post a picture of the Lang / Passamaquaddy boat that i recently purchased. (apparently she had come off her mooring during a storm and wound up on the shore, which is why the bow rail looks a bit off in the picture).

Johnny pipes 07-01-2016 11:14 AM

Hey lobsterman cool boat is that the 280 model and where are you located

lobsterman 07-01-2016 11:36 AM

Yes it is a 28' Lang that was somehow sold as a Passamaquoddy. It is the identical model to the boat in this link that i will try to post.. ( only the one i have is not in anywhere near as good condition as the one in the link). The boat is currently in Mass, but i hope to have her hauled up to Maine very soon, so that i can begin working on fixing it up.
Lang 28 Down East FB Cruiser REDUCED - The Hull Truth - Boating and Fishing Forum


lobsterman 07-01-2016 11:41 AM

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Stern view pic.

lobsterman 07-01-2016 11:44 AM

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Another pic.

Johnny pipes 07-01-2016 03:12 PM

Hey lobsterman I was just looking at that boat yesterday give me a call 781-507-5710 I'm in boston

lobsterman 07-02-2016 10:36 PM

Ok, i'll try to give you a ring tomorrow. Sorry i didn't get back online sooner, things have been kind of hectic around here the lately.

Johnny pipes 09-02-2016 05:36 AM

Hey lobsterman how's the Lang going for you

Langster 03-11-2017 09:17 AM

Lang 28 - more information
I am late to the original post, but hope you find this information helpful. I bought the Lang 28 that is carried in the link to the Hull Truth website. The previous owners we purchased it from were incredibly friendly and helpful with the transfer and education of the operation of the boat. They owned (andl loved) Lady Louise for many years and decided to move up to a larger trawler. The boat was very well maintained over the years with a complete refit in 2006. I bought the boat when I retired and my wife and I have enjoyed every minute that we spend on her. The refit replaced the old engine with an 8.1 Crusader engine that runs flawlessly. Although the boat is capable of higher speeds, I like to cruise at around 10 knots or under. This is my first big boat, so I had to get use to the single screw steering, but I have long ago adapted and feel like I can operate the boat blindfoled. The boat is incredibly seaworthy, as my wife and I found out when we got caught out on Nantucket Sound when a squall blew through. We were kicked around a bit and it was pretty scary, but there is no doubt that this boat will get you back to port safely even under the worst conditions. Not sure how many more years I will be able to keep the boat given my age, but will definitely enjoy every moment spent on the boat. I do have some of the original brochures and would be willing to copy and mail out at no cost if anyone is seriously interested. To all current and future Lang owners -- enjoy an incredible boat!

Lou_tribal 03-11-2017 02:59 PM

Hi Langster, welcome aboard and welcome to the very closed word of lang boat owner!

Sailor of Fortune 03-11-2017 05:11 PM

I think Phil Bolger designed some or all the Langs?

Johnny pipes 03-16-2017 02:38 PM

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From what Ted told me they designed them together to make something they were both happy with

Johnny pipes 03-16-2017 02:40 PM

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Some pics of my Lang 330

Johnny pipes 03-16-2017 02:42 PM

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More pics

Johnny pipes 03-16-2017 02:49 PM

Lang Yachts Ted Lang NML Yachts 330 model
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the entire enterior was replaced with teak at some point about 25-30 yrs ago
I actually tracked down the owner from back then and heard many good stories about the boat from the 25 years he owned it

Johnny pipes 03-16-2017 02:56 PM

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this is just from a little of my research

Johnny pipes 03-16-2017 03:01 PM

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few more

Lou_tribal 03-16-2017 03:09 PM

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here are 2 pics from stern of my aft cabin Lang :)
Johnny you know far more from these than I will ever be able to know!

Attachment 62829

Attachment 62830


Johnny pipes 03-16-2017 05:01 PM

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Hey Lou hope all is well she is looking great glad to hear from other Lang owners
Unfortunately i think mine is gonna have to take a season off and stay on the hard i have family obligations and timing is not working out this year

Johnny pipes 03-16-2017 05:08 PM

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Langster is that boat of yours from Mass i think I've seen it before
also i would love to see some of the paperwork that came with the boat you can email me or mail is fine email me for my address if so thank you

Lou_tribal 03-16-2017 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by Johnny pipes (Post 534318)
Hey Lou hope all is well she is looking great glad to hear from other Lang owners
Unfortunately i think mine is gonna have to take a season off and stay on the hard i have family obligations and timing is not working out this year

Hey Johnny, I am just waiting for this damned snow to melt so I can work or her. I have hundreds of things I want to do before end of May for our next cruise. Timeline will be tight but I will see what I can do.
Sorry to hear that you won't be able to enjoy yours this season, but next season will have an even greater taste :)

Take care.


Johnny pipes 03-27-2018 08:14 PM

Any new Lang Yachts Lang boats NML owners ?
Hello all havenít been on in a while with all the ďFirst Child ď obligations and all
Iím back at it gonna be working on the Lang soon getting her ready for the 2018 season just wanted to see what was going on out there in the Lang world any new owners or updates from existing owners

Johnny pipes 07-20-2018 10:10 AM

Lang Yachts 330
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Lang Yachts 330 Built in 1970 powered by single 6V53 NA Detroit

Lou_tribal 07-20-2018 11:32 AM

Looks like we are only 2 on that planet to have that kind of boat :D


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