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Marin 10-20-2010 07:46 PM

Mystery boat
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This boat generated a bit of a mystery on the Grand Banks owners forum when it was first described.* It's wood, and looks like a GB (actually it looks better than a GB in my opinon).* It is located in Oak Harbor, WA.

Turns out the story behind it is rather interesting.* It is NOT a GB but it was built by one of the Newton sons who with their father Robert*started American Marine in Kowloon in 1956.**In the early 70s*American Marine opened their Singapore yard where some wood boats and all the fiberglass boats were built.* The company went bankrupt in 1974 and closed the Kowloon yard the following year.* American Marine was subsequently sold*to an investment group headed by*Robert Livingston.*

John Newton wanted to continue to build boats.* His brother Whit left the company with no desire to build boats again and went into high-end furniture manufacturing.

John Newton, with Joe Kong, a marine engineers hired by the Newtons not long after*they created American Marine, built a few smaller boats based loosely on the GB design.*They called this 28' boat model*the Polaris.** John then moved to Honduras where he could get more land for a boatyard.* He tried to get Joe Kong to move there, too, but Joe didn't want to leave and soon partnered with Harvey Halvorsen to create the firm of Kong & Halverson*and the boats they built were called Island Gypsies.*

In Honduras, John Newton turned out a 28' boat similar (or identical) to the*Polaris*that was an attempt to get into the sport fishing market.

This is one of those boats.* It may have been built in Kowloon under the Polaris name*or it may have been built in Honduras.

The boat is undergoing a restoration in Oak Harbor.* The current owner is apparently unfamiliar with the boat's history.* It has a single four-cylinder*FL90 in a box aft of the cabin.* The main cabin is lower than the typical GB and there is no lower helm station.* There is no forward cabin as in a GB.* The cockpit is huge (for fishing).* The main cabin has a lower sole than a GB (since the engine's not under it) which gives the boat much more pleasing lines than a GB (in my opinon).* The hull has a smooth sheer line rather than the step or dip down in the GB hull.

So while it looks like*a "baby"*GB it's actually a Newton 28.* Very pretty boat in my opinon.* It's a design that could scale up very nicely to 36 or even 42 or 46*feet, where the GB "classic" design starts looking pretty clunky in my opinion when it gets over about 46 feet long.

The photos were taken by a member of the GB owners forum in Oak Harbor recently.* The history I paraphrased was provided to the GB owners forum by Shing Kong, Joe Kong's son.

Woodsong 10-20-2010 08:25 PM

RE: Mystery boat
Very nice lines- any interior shots?

Marin 10-20-2010 09:54 PM

Mystery boat
No, Ken only took these exterior shots. All I know about the interior is that the cabin can sleep four but in petty spartan accomodations.

Some further information....* the main deck from the aft end of the cabin forward is raised to the height of the caprail which makes for much more volume in the foward cabin.* I'm guessing there is at least a V-berth in that forecabin so perhaps two people sleep there while the other two sleep in the main cabin.* The head/shower is at the rear of the main cabin on the port side.* The flying bridge is accessed via a ladder that runs from the cockpit up to the aft edge of the flying bridge.* It is not in place in the photos.* There is no lower helm station.

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Doug B 07-19-2015 01:43 AM

doug b
Marin - I think I may have this boat only its called an Otter, the placard on both sides of the superstructure read Newton and Son at the top, with "Otter" in the middle and Kong & Halvorsen at the bottom and 19 @ 9:00 and 75 @ 3:00 on the oval placard. Any information you may be able to provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Doug B

Ps The boat is living in Alamitos Bay, Long Beach, Calif

Snowsystem 07-24-2015 08:58 AM

Newton Otter?
There is a similar boat listed on yacht world with only three photos.
I just missed purchasing another "pre Grand Banks" boat by same family called a Chantyman. Anyway this "Newton Otter" seems quite attractive, do you have any photos and history to share?

Doug B 07-25-2015 11:47 AM

newton "otter"
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These are recent pictures of the "otter" can you give me more information on the boat you saw listed in Yacht World, I am unable to find it. Thanks - Doug B

OtterDog 06-08-2016 07:37 PM

Here are those pics
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Here are a few pics of the inside of this boat, including cabin and bilge. Small triangular sleeping berth in the front as one poster surmised

BruceK 06-08-2016 07:49 PM

OtterDog, your new membership may restrict your pics posting. Ask a Mod for help.
Looking at the pics in post 6 by Doug B, I see Island Gypsy similarities, especially the FB and windows. Other features are more GB,well explained by Joseph Kong`s serial associations with GB and later Island Gypsy, the latter a partnership with the Australian boat builder Halvorsen, and Kong. The 1975 builders plate is in the early period of it.

SJHE 10-16-2016 12:10 PM

Having read this thread with interest, I was wondering if anyone happens to have any more photos of this little Grand Banks? I'm finding it hard to get a sense of her size as she looks a lot bigger than she is! Maybe a shot with a person onboard would do the trick?! Realistically, how many people could sit in the cockpit comfortably if bench seats were fitted? Thanks

OtterDog 07-22-2018 02:14 PM

Newton Otter For Sale
We have owned this 1976 28' Newton Otter for over two years now but have purchased a newer, larger Grand Banks so this "Baby Grand" is now for sale. Powered by an easy to maintain Ford Lehman 4 cylinder marine diesel engine. Actual length is about 31' with attached dive step and anchor projection. Features teak decks and parquet flooring through the salon and galley. Electric head with shower, large V-berth and convertible bench seats in the salon provide comfortable sleeping for 4 people. New bottom and side paint in 2016, new canvas tops and sides in 2017, termite tented in 2018. Email newtonotter at gmail if interested

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