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Dune 07-15-2015 11:10 AM

Got any links to Italian made portlights ? Looking for
direct replacements for the large (rectangular, nominally 8 x 22 opening) portlights on my Viking 65 CP MY, which according to the designer (Lazzara) came from Tellichio and a distributor agent Heide Masso in Miami, in 1993.

I realize this is probably hopeless*, and I should probably bite the bullet and replace with SS ones from NFM...but just throwing it out just in case one of you has an old Italian portlight catalog somewhere in your boat show files as it sure would be way easier to replace them with the same as original.

*for various

1. Might have been a custom size (although they are a simple rectangle)
2. Might have been discontinued size
3. The company might be out of business
4. Might be too expensive to import direct from Italy

Still, hope springs eternal... :o

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