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slowandsteady 05-08-2015 09:47 PM

Cav Filter
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I have a Cav filter with a fuel line coming from each tank, one line going to the genset and one going to a Racor 500FG which in turn goes to a the Perkins engine with 2 fuel filters on it. There are no numbers on the housing and I wonder where I can get the right replacement cartridge for it. I guess it's the only fuel filter for the genset and I better address it. But it seems like a lot of filters for the Perkins. Shouldn't the fuel for the genset go through the Racor too?

BruceK 05-09-2015 02:12 AM

Perkins sell a branded CAV type filter here, not pricey either. I suggested to my mechanic keeping existing filters while fitting Racors, he said no, too much load on the fuel pump.
CAV filters I`ve seen have a glass bowl so you see the muck and water, that one looks like it has been around a while, not everyone likes glass bowls either, I carry a spare bowl for my Racors just in case. Could be a fairly high micron, to act as a simple filter/water separator. But as shows above, mechanics are the best ones to answer.
Your genset probably has its own filter on the engine, my Onan does, and it has a drain in it.

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